Introducing the New “Soursop Tea,” a Wonder Tea Product from Thida Herbal Tea Company

Thida Herbal is thrilled to announce the release of a new herbal tea product that is proven to cure inflammation, sleep disorders, infections, and more

Leading Herbal Tea Company in Thailand, Thida Herbal has continued to deliver on its commitment to sourcing only the highest quality products, which are proven to benefit customers’ health. Today, the CEO of Thida Herbal, Nopparat Suksakulchai (Benz), has announced the release of a new herbal tea product made from soursop tea.

The new “Soursop Tea” by Thida Herbal is made from soursop leaves which are grown in Asia, with natural ingredients, including traditional herbs, natural extracts, and superfood nutrients. Soursop fruit is used in a wide variety of medicinal ways, and the tea by Thida Herbal can be used to bring vitality back to one’s health.

Full of antioxidants, Thida Herbal’s Soursop tea is 100 percent natural and comes with several benefits. Some of the benefits of Soursop tea includes:

1. Lowers the Risk of Chronic Diseases:

Soursop is a tropical fruit full of antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, which can damage the cells, thus lowering the risk of diseases. Taking the Soursop tea by Thida Herbal will extensively strengthen the immune system, making it capable of fighting off diseases.

2. Antibacterial Properties

Thida recognizes that everyone deserves an option beyond commercially processed pharmaceuticals. Therefore, it has made sure the new Soursop tea sustains the antibacterial properties of the fruit so consumers can enjoy tasty herbal tea, which helps them prevent diseases.

3. Treat Sleep Disorders

For generations, soursop leaves have been used as a natural remedy to treat sleeping disorders. With the soursop leaves for tea, Thida Herbal gives consumers access to a potent cure for any form of inability to sleep.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Another benefit of soursop tea is that it contains 200+ chemical compounds that are used in reducing inflammation. The most important compounds present in the soursop tea include alkaloids, phenols, and acetogenins, used for reducing colonic inflammation and damage in a range of colitic models.

Another amazing feature of the new Soursop tea from Thida Herbal is a money-back guarantee when a customer isn’t satisfied with the product. The Soursop tea is now available for purchase on Amazon and can be gotten via

About Thida Herbal

Thida is a family-owned company dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for its products. The herbal teas are made with consumers in mind, in small batches using the freshest ingredients, and are Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free & Caffeine Free. 

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