Watch Blocked YouTube Videos and Prevent Buffers with a Free VPN

YouTube had already established its name and reputation as the go-to when it comes to streaming free media contents. Now that the society is at the peak of the digital era, more people around the globe are joining the YouTube community to create videos as this platform is also a great tool to make someone or something well-known to the public eye.

There are tons of videos to watch on YouTube. Whatever the person’s interests are, it is certain that one can find a YouTube video or two that will suit one’s preferences.

With YouTube’s seemingly accessible type of online platform, lies some restrictions. For example, there are several copyright issues that YouTube has to follow before posting contents publicly.

And if there are some laws that do not allow YouTube to post something in certain regions, the videos would be blocked; in effect, viewers from the locations that have stricter copyright laws would not be able to view and watch the video posts.

YouTube videos are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. No one knows when somebody will need a YouTube video as a reference but unfortunately, it’s blocked.

Good news is, there’s a simple way to bypass this type of geo-restriction, and that is by connecting to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. What a VPN does is organize a secured connection between the user’s device and the internet. By that, all the user’s data will go through the VPN’s encrypted virtual tunnel, making one’s IP address be hidden to everyone, even to the third parties in cyberspace.

With this, the user can bypass Youtube’s geo-restriction and start watching blocked YouTube videos.

For an effective bypassing procedure, users must follow these steps:

  1. Download a trusted VPN app.

For a recommendation, try GoingVPN. This free VPN offers high-quality and premium services like tight encryption process, unlimited data bandwidth, and max speed technology – perfect to avoid lags and buffers while watching YouTube videos.

  1. Uninstall YouTube app on mobile device.

This step is important so that the user’s YouTube data will be deleted.

  1. Launch the GoingVPN app and choose a server location that has a lenient censorship (e.g. United States, Canada).

  1. Re-install the YouTube app.

  1. Search any YouTube contents and enjoy watching.


The internet is a massive place, but still, it has some limitations. Fortunately, the technology is ever-adaptive and fast-paced, making experts develop new methods to bring people closer to these innovations.

A free VPN app like GoingVPN can help internet users around the globe have access to anything that is online related.

GoingVPN is available in Android and iOs.

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