Abir Malaeb, one of the most influential health and wellness coaches

Abir Malaeb, one of the most influential health and wellness coaches

“Abir Malaeb, one of the most influential health and wellness coaches”
Abir Malaeb is a Lebanese health and wellness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist and a holistic and health researcher located in Qatar. Abir has dedicated her entire life for the sake of her life career which is considered as an intrinsic part of her personality.

Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through a health & wellness coach’s guidance. Health and wellness coaching industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, hence narrowing down the list of the best health coaches out there is not an easy task at all. Abir Malaeb is one of the most influential health and wellness coaches all over the Arab world. Abir has dedicated her life in supporting and helping her clients set their health goals, whether to lose weight, improve energy, better manage stress, control their diet and much more.

After gaining all needed skills and attaining thorough knowledge in such a domain, she launched her coach journey in 2017. Not only did she focus her studies on health and wellness, but also she was curious to have broad studies in each area that serves it. Her passion and addiction to sports paved her way for being of one of the best personal trainers in the Arab world. In addition to being a personal trainer, Abir is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

She conducts sport-specific testing sessions, designs and implements safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provides guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention. As a wellness coach and a holistic health researcher, Abir has all required tools and needed knowledge to share with her clients about holistic health and how to enact sustainable behavior change. She helps her clients feel their best through personalized lifestyle changes that meet unique dietary, emotional, and physical goals and needs.

She works on helping them discover how to fuel their bodies, live a healthy lifestyle, and find the best wellness and health routines that work for them. Her expertise in this deep and demanding domain made her source of interest for many people out there who are really in need of such a talented coach.

To follow up with her daily workouts, or even to keep track with her healthy feeds, simply visit her interesting Instagram account @abir_malaeb or even visit her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJsILVYEYQtF-aoco013cQ

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