BLUEFEEL’s new Barset 4D Wireless Desk Fan featuring minimalism, has been launched.

As people spend more time on desks working, studying, playing computer games, it is important to have gadgets that provide comfort to stay cooled long enough. Especially during summer, when it gets too hot and stuffy. The best solution will be a desk fan like BLUEFEEL’s new product Barset 4D.

BLUEFEEL is a subsidiary company of Samsung, and they focus on developing new products by enhancing existing products on the market to meet new trends. They paid attention to minimalism for this summer trend. Big fans are in past, minimalism has changed people’s perception of interior and what occupies there the most. One of the gadgets that occupy a lot of space and turns the place into non-moveable around, are big Fans which are not in trend anymore, compared to the Barset 4D desk fan, which is slick and small, it perfectly coexists together with any background or interior, and occupies a space on the desk as much as a coffee cup or beverage bottle.

The Barset 4D features minimalism in terms of design and functionality, making it easy to use. Basic information such as a timer, wind speed, remaining battery, and charging levels are displayed on the LED indicator. In addition, the safety net can be easily taken off if turned counterclockwise. As a result, it is easy to clean the grill and blades and makes for simple reassembly. The remote control determines the airflow speed, timer, etc. without requiring any physical movement. A hidden button is located on the back of the fan to ensure wind speed and rotation control without the need for the remote control, removing complexity.

This table fan has limitless direction capabilities. It can be adjusted to face up, down, left, and right. 5 Blades come together to generate natural and smooth airflow, resulting in a quiet yet strong and gentle wind. The Fan rotates 120 degrees and circulates air, so everyone can enjoy the cool air. The body of the Fan moves up and down 30 degrees, creating cool wind at the perfect angle. And it supports 5V, 2A fast charging (3,5 hours). When the battery is fully charged, it can be placed anywhere in the house with up to 48 hours of wireless use. Plus, it can be used outdoors with zero hassle. Equipped with non-slip pads, it remains securely in its place even at maximum height.

BLUEFEEL’s 4D Barset is available on Amazon now. For more information and reviews, please visit Amazon.

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