Rosco P to Secure a Spot in the Limelight with the Release of Highly-Anticipated EP D.R.U.G.’s

Rosco P to Secure a Spot in the Limelight with the Release of Highly-Anticipated EP D.R.U.G.’s

It is inarguable that the music scene has become the playground not only for those who were born to privilege and connections. Decades ago, the industry used to be dominated by talents with the social and financial means to rise through the ranks and establish their names, but thanks to the advent of digital technology, artists from all walks of life now have a shot at acing the game. Marcus Duane Jones, better known as Rosco P, is making significant strides towards the forefront of the cutthroat music industry, going head to head with today’s plethora of stars to create a legacy and inspire the next generation of artists. 

This multi-faceted personality is an independent go-getter born into a family of musicians. “My uncle was — and still is — a professional jazz musician, and I grew up listening to stories about his weekend gigs during Sunday dinners,” recalled Rosco P. Having been exposed to this particular art at an early age, he developed a natural affinity towards beats and rhythms. Eventually, he discovered his niche, venturing off into hip-hop and cultivating his own sound while drawing inspiration from household names such as Travis Scott and The Weeknd, to name a few. 

Over the years, Rosco P managed to reach great heights, thanks to his passion for music, dedication, and arsenal of skills. He has captured the interest of countless listeners not only because of his distinctive artistry but also for the extent to which he is able to take control of any stage. His showmanship, the result of hours of studying and dissecting the way powerhouses engage with the crowd and hype up any floor, was further honed by experience.

“I was blessed with the opportunity of having multiple large shows with lots of exposure. This forced me to put in the work to truly learn how to perform and entertain,” shared the rising name. 

Currently, the alternative-trap-meets-punk-rock artist is making waves after dropping his highly-anticipated EP, D.R.U.G’s, which will be on its way to major streaming platforms and people’s playlists on July 12, was produced by Pianogotkeys and boasted a title that stands for “Dear Ragers Ur Gods.” Consisting of five songs that cover a diverse set of vibes, this impressive discography by Rosco P showcases his full vocal range and features the Houston-based musician Lil Jairmy. 

Apart from the release of D.R.U.G’s, more can be expected from Rosco P in the coming years. As he continues carving a path toward the summit of the music scene, this self-starter aims to collaborate with more chart-toppers. Additionally, he hopes to continue launching purpose-driven initiatives and make a difference in communities through cause-oriented endeavors. Above anything else, on top of creating his own label, he wishes to enable the success of aspiring musicians by equipping them with the resources to succeed in a world field peppered with challenges. “I would like to have a roster of global talents who deserve to have the spotlight,” he added.

Learn more about Rosco P by visiting his Instagram page and checking out his Apple Music and Spotify pages.

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