Traviee Rises to the Top of the Music Industry by Creating Music That Heals

Traviee Rises to the Top of the Music Industry by Creating Music That Heals

Music can have several purposes, and most of the time, it relies heavily on its composer’s intention. Traviee, an up-and-coming hip-hop star from Jacksonville, Arkansas, intends to create songs that will allow him to connect with other people on a more profound level.

Born Travis Sailor, the young rapper and songwriter realized that during these unprecedented times, he has an opportunity to use his innate talent and touch people’s lives by creating music that heals. From that realization, the master lyricist quickly went to work and has since made several  masterpieces. 

In the past year, he has successfully released a hit single called “Heart of a Gemini,” which is part of an album of the same name. The entire album contains a total of 16 tracks and is available on all streaming platforms. 

The official music video for the song has already gained over 32,000 views on his YouTube channel, with more than 4,000 likes. The comments section is also filled with praise from people all over the world, with some highlighting the most memorable and impactful lines from the track. 

When he is not preoccupied with creating music, the go-getter shares his art through his various platforms. He sends random voice messages of encouragement to his followers, and he also sends them a copy of “Heart of a Gemini.” Most commonly, the artist is met with a response from fans saying that their heart was healed after listening to his wonderful creation.

The overwhelmingly positive reactions from listeners have motivated Traviee to pursue his craft. At the same time, he will continue to spread the word about the track. He firmly believes that the song has what it takes to become the #1 song on the Billboard charts. 

The self-made musician possesses an incredible character that has helped him attain some impressive milestones in his career. When he was still starting out, he recognized that he had to be the first one to believe in his skills and capabilities, or no one else would. He recalled, “I believed in myself when nobody did. It was times I wasn’t as good as I am today, but I pushed myself to keep going. I knew I was talented; nobody knew me like I did, so I had to believe what I knew about me.” 

Traviee not only connects with his listeners through the music he creates but also interacts with them regularly. He prioritizes building a solid bond with the people who support him because through these meaningful connections, he is inspired to create more music. 

In the future, he sees himself grabbing accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies because of his healing music. With his optimistic attitude, impeccable talent, and taste in music, Traviee will surely reach greater heights and become a well-known personality in the music industry. People should be on the lookout for this promising rapper and songwriter as he prepares to release more projects and content soon.

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