Psychedelic Water Introduces The World’s First Commercially Available Psychedelic Beverage

Psychedelic Water is an American brand that developed the world’s first legal psychedelic beverage. The company’s founding investor is Grammy nominee hip-hop producer Murda Beatz and has already sold more than 200,000 cans in less than 5 months.

Psychedelic Water has developed the first-of-its-kind product creating a brand-new category within the beverage space. Using FDA compliant ingredients, they’ve launched a consumer experience like no other that will insert psychedelics into people’s daily lives.

“Let’s face it: Everywhere we turn, we’re told what to like, what to think and how to be – we wanted to break the feedback loop and empower the inspiring universe of independent thinkers and creative pioneers. That’s why we created Psychedelic Water, the first legal psychedelic.”

The brand has launched Psychedelic Water in two flavors and sold in 6-packs – Blackberry + Yuzu and Hibiscus + Lime. 

People who want to experience both are likely to find high value in the Variety Pack that contains three cans of Psychedelic Water in each flavor. Each can features the brand’s exquisite psychedelic blend of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract. 

More information about the ingredients that comprise the Psychedelic Water can be found on the brand’s “Blend” webpage. 

“Our psychoactive blend is a calming, mild mood-booster that makes you feel good without messing you up, slowing you down, or leaving you hungover; just a gentle tongue-tingling feeling of bliss that is just right for any occasion.”

The brand accentuates the fact that Psychedelic Water is not as “heavy” as traditional psychedelics. Instead, it offers a calming, tingling sensation that is meant to soothe and calm the consumer:

“Don’t expect anything intense or the effects of traditional psychedelics. Psychedelic Water is not hallucinogenic and won’t make you trip like LSD or psilocybin. The herbs we use offer a mild, calming sensation that simply makes you feel good without any mental inhibition.”

Psychedelic Water is widely available on the brand’s website and Amazon. The product is currently available for US citizens at the moment. Still, the brand has stated that the company is working on launching new products in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada in the future. 

It was met with a series of positive reviews from satisfied customers, enthusiasts, and curious bloggers posted on various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

The company’s TikTok page is steadily building and is sitting at over 8.2 million views and 25,000 followers. 

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