Couple Launch Small Business During Covid Lockdown – Dately – Save the Date for Leftovers

When was this meal made? How old are these leftovers? – Dately is looking to answer this common kitchen problem…

Brett & his fiancé Francescsa were not sure what 2020 had in store for them. He was recently laid off from a tech position at the end of 2019 and had just begun a new job managing Amazon businesses. He had prior experience in Ecommerce but this new position thrust him directly into Amazons marketplace for 3rd party sellers. He learned the tools – ad management, listing optimization, A+ content, storefront, FBA processes and enjoyed the interaction with business owners. His prior experience in hospitality gave him the wherewithal to converse with clients professionally and guide their online businesses but what happened next was unchartered territory. Covid Hit!

Brett and his then Girlfriend at the time – Francesca were very fortunate to work from home when covid lockdown when into effect. Zoom and Teams calls were a daily norm and their online work allowed them to remain employed as the economy teetered on the edge. Just when they thought they had become accustomed to this new daily life, they were in for yet another life changing surprise.

Francesca was pregnant. They were having a Corona Baby!

This was their first child and this meant that they would become parents at such an extremely challenging time in history. They stayed low key, cooked and ate solely at home during the period to protect her during the pregnancy. It was at this time that the concept for Dately was formed.

“We ran out of space in the fridge and could no longer identify when we made this meal. We had numerous containers of food – Was this made Thursday? No, I think it was Sunday…”

They asked themselves, “Why isn’t there a dial that we can simply pull out the drawer and attach to these containers to tell us when it was last made.”

Brett got to work on this new idea and he envisioned it to mirror that of a fruit – an orange to be specific where each section was a day of the week while Francesca designed the packaging.

Dately was born with the catchy phrase “Save the Date for Leftovers” and they recently launched on Amazon June 1:

As for Brett & Francesca, he proposed on July 4th 2020 under the fireworks and city lights of Miami and not long after, their son Kyler Hugh Radler was born on Dec 22, 2020.

“I am extremely blessed and thankful and hope that my story is shared as inspiration to others.”

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