Young Entrepreneur Cosmin Mesenschi Proves Wisdom and Success are Not Measured by Age

Taking responsibility and believing that success requires hard work is a rare mindset for the young and ambitious.

Gone are the days when wisdom came only from the elders. Younger breeds of entrepreneurs, like Cosmin Mesenschi, surround themselves with other entrepreneurs and experts old and young to learn from their mistakes and springboard their success.

Young as he is, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Cosmin Mesenschi has acquired unique skill sets that enabled him to establish his first company FirstByte Media, a crypto lead-generation media company. As CEO he deals with Lead Generation B2B2C partners in the finance and gaming sector. Over the years he has managed to specialize in SEO (On-Page and Off-Page), Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEM.

As a young entrepreneur, Cosmin Mesenschi emphasizes on being wary of thinking that no hard work is necessary especially in this modern time when people desire outcomes fast. He believes that “the market has endless opportunities for all the people that are willing to take full responsibility for their future.” He imparts that “taking responsibility means believing that all of your outcomes are self-generated; that your results are based on your interpretations of market information, the decisions you make, and the actions you take as a result.”

Ambition is easy to find. But wisdom, much like Cosmin’s, is one-of-a-kind. Learn more about Cosmin Mesenschi here:

About Cosmin Mesenschi

Cosmin Mesenschi is a digital marketing business owner who has worked for several companies after earning a degree in marketing economics, corporate communication, and global markets at the University of Bicocca in Milan. After years of experience acquired in various companies public and private, (very important for his personal growth) and his goodwill in wanting to change his future, in 2021 he founded his first company, FirstByte Media.

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