New Energy Drink That Will Give Users an Edge Being Launched July 18

Neuroptimax Sport was developed by pioneering figures in the fields of international sports nutrition, health and performance

UNITED KINGDOM – July 13, 2021 – A revolutionary new energy drink, Neuroptimax™ Sport, that will help athletes, musicians, members of the military and professionals across all fields perform better, is being launched in the United Kingdom on July 18.

Developed by accredited medics, dieticians and nutritionists, the Neuroptimax Sport energy drink contains optimal dosages of caffeine, vitamins D and B, beta alanine, electrolytes, citicoline and essential minerals proven to give users an edge.

“We designed the product to challenge the current energy drinks on the market, as they generally fail to provide any health or performance benefits. Our product is built on evidence, along with the purity and potency of ingredients,” said Jamie Caruthers, joint head of research & development at Neuroptimax.

Neuroptimax Sport has the ideal combination of the right ingredients in the right proportion to deliver the best out of one’s mind and body.   The formulation also looks after the brain on a long-term basis, potentially mitigating against neurodegenerative diseases.

Carruthers said it used to be believed that the brain couldn’t regenerate new neurons. The brain has approximately 86 billion neurons and, it turns out, the remarkable ability to re-wire itself. And when the right nutrients are available, the brain makes, on average, 700 healthy new brain cells every day and new neuronal connections are made throughout one’s life.

The science of nutrition and brain function is still evolving and is a relatively new study, but what scientists have learned is that nutrients are essential to human brain function. For example, if a brain were to have vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies, it could lead to impaired cognitive function due to nerve fiber complications.

There is evidence from the fossil and archaeological record for greater consumption of animal foods and this dietary quality was likely important for supporting brain evolution. Neuroptimax Sport includes many of these essential neuro-nutrients and enhances the power of them. The effect is to reduce the impact of increased consumption of convenience and nutritionally poor food—a process that tends to result in micronutrient deficiency or “hidden hunger.” Indeed, micronutrient insufficiency is a contributing factor in poor brain health and performance. This is an issue in industrialized societies, where diets put people at risk for worsening brain health due to nutrient deficiency.

According to Carruthers, research has demonstrated that citicoline, a Neuroptimax Sport ingredient, may help to mitigate cognitive declines associated with aging by increasing energy reserves and improve memory performance, especially episodic memory. Another ingredient, Vitamin D, can improve mood status and anti-inflammatory biomarkers.  This vitamin helps people cope and perform under stress, such as by fighting off infections. Beta alanine, which is also a Neuroptimax Sport supplement, may enhance cognitive function and promote resiliency during highly stressful situations.

“Our team at Neuroptimax believes that if you put the best into your body, you’ll get the best out of it. From our inception, we have been 100 percent committed to creating the ultimate performance supplements for your brain and your body,” Carruthers said.

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