Social Media Users Demand Privacy, Security, and Free Speech

MEMPHIS, TN – July 13, 2021 – Releasing a video in the style of hacker group Anonymous,, makes it clear: Social Media users have had enough. User data should not be for sale, free speech should not be abridged. Conservative Millionaires have tried, without success, to launch a free speech alternative to the social media giants, Facebook and Twitter. What it would take to accomplish this feet is a young voice for liberty, one that understands what drives social media engagement.

Wesley Upchurch is that individual. This video reflects what those critical of social media influence have said for years: that the mainstream social networks are increasingly limiting speech that they find misleading or offensive and that they are more than willing to sell users private information for a profit. Security breaches, intrusive advertising, and manipulation of what appears in user’s news feeds has lead users to look elsewhere. But, until now, such options have been limited.

Wabitz warns the big networks, “Expect Us”. The tiny upstart company has been working to create a new platform that promises to take privacy concerns seriously and allow for the free expression of opinions without limitations. The internet rests upon this promise of free speech. Biased fact checkers have been an irritation to those with opinions that run contrary to the mainstream and those holding alternative viewpoints are finding it increasingly difficult to share their message with the public. Wabitz was built to be a place where unpopular opinions could be expressed freely.

As a liberty-minded individual, Wesley Upchurch has done what others couldn’t. He has developed a new social media experience that respects individual rights, including the right to free speech and privacy. Donald Trump couldn’t do it. Mike Lindell couldn’t do it. But, Wesley Upchurch did. is already up and running on its own website. Although it’s in beta, there already exists an Android App and an Apple App is soon to follow. Whether it succeeds depends upon the user’s willingness to take a stand and say enough is enough.

This technology professional is betting they are. He says, “Freedom is the future of social media. Freedom to connect with others. Freedom to speak your mind. This is Wabitz.” It is a social network designed from the start to harness the power of discussion, without limiting your reach because you express a minority opinion. promises to be a safe-haven where you can post what you want, without fear of being censored, shadow-banned, or suspended, just because your viewpoint doesn’t fit the politically correct standard that Big Tech expects from you. believes that every voice matters. One of the founder’s central beliefs is that people can only come together, and truly understand each other, when every voice is heard. He says, “Silencing the minority has never been acceptable, but today that is exactly what the mainstream platforms are trying to do. That’s why people are leaving the tech giants and looking for something different.” The social network has everything you have come to expect from social media, including profiles, status updates, groups and events. As it grows, it will become a place of discussion and debate where people can boldly stand for the causes that matter to them.

Those who want a more light hearted social media experience can stick to their personal feeds that connect with friends and love ones. Whether you are there to discuss the issues of the day, post updates about your personal life journey, or just share memes featuring your favorite house cats, Wabitz adheres to high standards on user privacy and security. Already accessible online, the platform expects to go live with is first production-ready apps on the Apple App and Google Play stores this Friday.

About is a social network dedicated to free speech. Wabitz is an entirely American platform that was founded in Memphis, TN by Wesley Upchurch, with servers in Chicago, IL. To sign up, visit

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