What a webcam can do for video conferencing

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Videoconferencing cameras have been in high demand since the pandemic began. people have narrowed down our favorites.

MOST LAPTOP WEBCAMS suck. If people thought people could have a good explanation on why swanky aluminum machines packed with laser-quick processors and costing upward of $1,000 still have the image quality of a disposable camera, Whatever the reason people need a webcam — maybe people want to upgrade from the one in laptop, maybe people is building a desktop workstation — it pays to invest in a camera that’ll make people look good. Especially now that many of us are presenting our faces on Zoom and other video platforms at all times of day.

Ever since the pandemic began, webcams have been hard to find. Some are now (slowly) trickling back in stock, though many are still back-ordered and some prices are jacked up.

Here people would like to recommend QWC-004 HD webcam with wall mount attachment and tripod optional.

The QWC-004 webcam has been the standard for high-quality USB webcams since 2020. Free-driver, just plug the webcam to any pc/panels making people a easy operation. It is a great tool for the videoconferencing or remote teaching. people get great image quality at 1080p resolution (and 30 frames per second), and white balance performance is on par with the Qomo webcam. 360 degree rotation helps adjust the camera in multiple directions and find the most suitable video angle. Bult-in virtual microphone with noise reduction mircrophone makes the videoconference smoothly.

The high definition Qomo webcam is an essential tool for upgrading your remote learning or WFH(Working from home) experience. Clearly record and stream conferences, online teaching and so on. Work with Qomo interactive panels or touch screen, it can build great smart meeting/classroom.

People currently have stock for the interactive whiteboard and webcam. If people feel interest, please feel free to contact odm@qomo.com

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