Some Things to consider when buying Air Curtain Multideck Display refrigerator

Most multi-storey refrigerated display cases do not have glass doors but are opened with an air curtain, which can help lock in the storage temperature in the refrigerator cabinet, which is why we also call this type of equipment an air curtain refrigerator. Multidecks have features of open and multi-shelf shelves and are designed for self-service purposes, it is a great way to not only keep a wide range of foods stored in optimal condition at optimal temperature, but also to attractively display the items to customers who can view the items and, and help increase impulse sales for the store.

Things To Consider When Buying Air Curtain Multideck Display Fridge

What Are The General Purposes Of Multideck Display Fridge?

Multideck display fridge is a heavy-duty refrigeration solution for grocery stores, farm shops, convenience stores, and retail businesses, it’s a helpful unit for them to store groceries, such as fruit, vegetables, deli, fresh meats, beverages, and keep them for a long period of time. This multi-deck type of refrigerator can maximumly present item displays that attract customer’s eyes to grab the products and serve themselves, it not only provides convenience for consumers but also helps store owners improve their business management and sales promotion.

Built-In Or Remote Multideck, Which One Suit Business Area?

When purchasing a multideck commercial refrigerator for grocery store or farm product shop, one of the essential considerations people need to take a look at is about business area lapeoplet, people need to think about if the installation position has sufficient space for customer traffic, and think about if ceiling height space is adequate enough for the placement of multideck. people might hear of the terms “plug-in refrigerator” and “remote refrigerator”, the biggest difference between them is the lapeoplet requirement, below are some descriptions of each of their features, pros, and cons for people to help people when people’re planning to purchase equipment.

Plug-In Fridge

All refrigeration components that include compressor and condenser are integrated into the refrigerator with built-in elements except the power supply unit. All things don’t need to be installed outside and are very easy to move and set up, the cost of buying the equipment is lower than remote type. The compressor and condenser are positioned under the storage cabinet. There is no need to ask for permission to install a plug-in multideck. With a short way to transfer air from inside to outside, this equipment consumes less energy and helps reduce bill on power supply, and it’s more reliable and less expensive for installation and maintenance. Plug-in fridge releases more running noise and heat in the room, quickly raise the ambient temperature in the store, but there would be no complaints from neighbors. It is not ideal for business establishments with limited space and a low ceiling.

Remote Fridge

The compressor and condenser are mounted on the outside wall or floor away from the storage cabinet inside. For a grocery store or other large types of retail business that operates many refrigeration equipments, remote multidecks are a great option they can keep the heat and noice out of comfortable business area for customers. Without the remote condensing and compressing unit inside the house, people can have storage cabinet with more space, and it’s a perfect solution for business area with limited space and low ceiling. If the temperature outside is low, that would help the refrigeration unit outside work with lower stress and higher efficiency. With many pros, there are also some cons for multideck fridges, people need to cost more for more complicated installation, the components separated from refrigerator are more difficult to location and maintain, and that would people more time on this. The refrigerant requires more power to move to the separated units from the main body of the refrigerator.

What Dimensions To Purchase?

It’s really necessary to think about the placement of equipment when people’re planning to purchase a multideck display fridge, make sure to have more space available without overcrowding and obstructing for customers to move and browse the items. At Nenwell, there are many different models for options to fit space, models with less depth are ideal for a business area with limited space. Lower height fridges are perfect for establishments with a low ceiling.

For stores with larger space, choose some models with big sizes to fit larger capacities and other requirements. Multidecks are a large type of refrigeration unit, so it’s necessary to make measurements on some access points in establishment, include placement areas, doorways, corridors, and some tight corners that may cause accidents and hazards.

Consider What Types Of Items people Would Store & Display

When considering the temperature range equipment operates with, that would depend on the grocery types people would like to store and display. Multideck fridges with a range from 2˚C to 10˚C offer a great storage condition for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, soft beverages, and so on. it even can be used as a deli display fridge. A lower temperature range is required between 0˚C and -2˚C which is optimum and safe for the storage of fresh meats or fishes. If people are looking to display frozen items, a multideck display freezer with a temperature range from -18˚C to -22˚C would be a suitable unit.

How Many Decks In The Storage Cabinet?

Make sure that the number of decks is enough for storage and section requirements. There are different models with a different number of deck panels, which are also called shelves, it’s recommended to make sure that the specifications will meet all the foods and drinks people need to store and display. For maximum storage capacity and optimum space, stair-stepping type is an ideal option to display the items with more layering effect.

Cooling System Types

The item storage is affected by the type of cooling system. There are two types of cooling systems: direct cooling and fan-assisted cooling.

Direct Cooling

Direct cooling comes with a plate placed at the back of the cabinet which cools down the air around it and therefore the stored items inside. This cooling type bases on the natural circulation of low-temperature air. When the temperature gets to the desired level, the compressor will stop working automatically. And will start working to cool the air once again once the temperature has warmed up to a specific level.

Fan Assisted Cooling

Fan-assisted cooling constantly keeps the cool air circulating around the stored items on the showcase. This system operates with suitable temperature more effectively in a consistent environment, and help reduce power consumption. Cooling system with fan assistance trend to dry out goods quickly, so the food with seal would be better to be kept fresh for a long period of time.

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