Lendersa Now Offers Commercial Hard Money Loans In Los Angeles, CA

Lendersa Now Offers Commercial Hard Money Loans In Los Angeles, CA

“Lendersa, Inc.”
Discover Lendersa, the Sofi of real estate hard money loans in Los Angeles, CA, and their new lineup of commercial hard money loans.

Almost everyone has heard of SoFi for personal loans, people generally go to a site like NerdWallet.com and put in the loan amount they want, answer some soft credit questions, and then they are shown a list of places that will offer them a loan.

Nothing like this exists in the Real Estate sector, for Investors seeking to obtain commercial hard money loans in Los Angeles

Almost ALL real estate investors, whether commercial or residential, go DIRECT to a private money lender, and in most cases, they have established relationships and can get the money they need fast.

However, what about all the real estate investors out there who do not have those “constant cashflow” opportunities and they are constantly losing deals, or worse not make any because their only source is Banks and big institutions, and when the bank says “NO” there is not much else one can do, except seek to work with individual private money lenders.

What would Investors rather do, go to individual Lenders, and have to pre-qualify them 1v1?

Or be given a list of the top private lenders for commercial hard money loans in Los Angeles, offering the best loan programs that fit the Investor’s needs? Most likely the latter.

Investors will find that it completely changes the way they fund their deals when they only have to use the free mortgage calculator at Lendersa, and put in what they need and want, and then instantly the site’s infrastructure and built-in AI, will go to work and return ALL the best matching loan programs that fit the Investor’s needs, and it will allow the Investor to network and meet each lender in mass, allowing the Investor to quickly choose a source for its funding and move to the next deal in the pipeline.

Finally, there is a way to get commercial hard money loans in Los Angeles, and Investors can simply secure private money for any type of real estate, residential and commercial, and completely avoid banks.

Several sources looked into the process at Lendersa, and it appears to be quite simple to find hundreds of matching loan offers, the Investor would simply tell the AI what kind of a loan they need (no social security is required).

The request works as a filter to locate the most qualified lenders, instantly. 

Investors may also select up to 6 lenders to work with, and in seconds receive loan proposals to their dashboard where they can compare offers side by side, talk with the lenders to negotiate, and choose the best options for funding.

Lendersa’s network of hard money loans in Los Angeles is finally an answer to the prayers of so many investors and rehabbers who are tired of all the new Fannie Mae restrictions and requirements.

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