Moisture Flow® Announces Soffit Vent System And Exposes The Building Industry For 40 Years Of Misguided Instruction

Moisture Flow® Announces Soffit Vent System And Exposes The Building Industry For 40 Years Of Misguided Instruction

“Moisture Flow® Soffit Vents”
This release helps users who are seeking soffit vents, roof vents, or the Soffit Vent System by Moisture Flow®, to understand how the building industry works and has been misled for 40 years about the installation of soffit vents in bathrooms and what one can do to get the best working system or soffit vent for one’s home and protection.

In a search to find soffit vents, roof vents, and information about the Soffit Vent System by Moisture Flow® we discovered a post made by the Founder of the company exposing hidden truths about the building industry where for more than 40 years people have been told to exhaust the fan in bathroom soffit vents the wrong way, and how that has led to remediation companies seizing control of insurance money through Homeowner’s Insurance policies and all the while there has been a newer, faster and better way to protect oneself from mold and poor air quality.

The article says this…

“I was a Home Improvement Contractor for 35 years.

I took pride in my work as if it were my own home. Starting out in Miami my next-door neighbor, a retired Greek builder had built, 80 years old had built over 5,000 homes in Miami and surrounding areas. Wanting to stay active he took me under his wings specializing in water and moisture damage in the home. In 2017, I was introduced to another long-standing problem that gave the building industry a black eye. Mold and moisture damage in the attic. This problem came from improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan. The International Code Council (ICC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) codes for venting a bathroom exhaust fan to the exterior are only concerned with the exhaust fan and the ductwork that must have an exterior exist.

The termination of the exhaust fan system is not regulated.

The code only requires that it has an exterior evacuation for the moist air. For the past 40 years, soffit vents used for the termination of the exhaust fan are responsible for requiring homeowners at their expense annually $15 billion dollars for the remediation and repairs of mold and moisture damage in the attic. Unfortunately, the problem can be much worse. Mold and moisture damage is a major factor that causes mold contamination that costs homeowners and businesses more than almost $500 billion dollars annually for medical treatments Today, remediation companies are now all over the country and have become a multi-billion dollar industry. The manufacturers are able to continue to sell their soffit vents and the remediation companies can clean up their mess.

One may think that I am prejudiced about my Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow®.

Let’s look at the facts: The USPO approved my invention with an international patent. If we examine the recorded data with the EPA and other accredited institutions homeowners in the USA spend annually in excess of $15 billion dollars of the soffit vents available on today’s market. The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® is guaranteed to eliminate this problem. Homeowners have been known to spend a fortune on remodeling their bathrooms and never even think or are unaware of how to properly vent them. It would be a shame to have gone through all those renovations to watch good money chase bad money.

If nothing else the Soffit Vent is an excellent preemptive measure to stop mold and moisture damage.

Moisture Flow® now offers homeowners and builders an alternative solution to a long-standing problem. Before Alexander, the Greek Builder died he told me, “man is not an island” and share one’s knowledge with others. He told me people have the ability to reason. Some might take advantage others will ignore it. That is their choice to decide what they want to do.” – Richard Schofel, Founder of Moisture Flow® Soffit Vents.

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