Wink Streaming Director David Brown Talks About How They Have Become Market Leaders

WINK Streaming who recently announced the release of its new SDK Passthrough functionality, has sat down and talked about how their company has become one of the most recommended in their field.

The global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions, continue to be featured in the media for changing the landscape and new services they offer. One of the big announcements recently was the launch of free iOS and Android Apps where users of WINK Forge, WINK Media Router, and WINK Crossroad could access the content via their mobile devices.

The company continue to hit the headlines, so we decided to learn more about WINK Streaming and why they have become one of the biggest names in their field. We met up with Wink Streaming Director David Brown, this is what David had to say.

First of all, please introduce yourself.

Thanks, I am David Brown, the Director of Marketing at WINK Streaming. I’ve been with WINK Streaming since 2015. I am excited by the steady growth and innovation I’ve seen during my tenure at WINK Streaming.

You provide content delivery, content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding and live transcoding solutions, for those that don’t understand what that means, can you please explain?

WINK Streaming provides end-to-end solutions for medium to large corporations, cities, and state-level camera deployments. Our complete suite of software and hardware solutions work together to create a comprehensive video deployment. Alternatively, it can be built on top of an existing VMS (Video Management Systems) if that best suits the customer’s needs.

WINK Streaming was launched in 2006, but you have now become a global leader; how have you managed to grow and become a market leader?

WINK Streaming has become a leader in our space by focusing on our core strengths. So often, companies try to do too many things at once, spreading themselves things and end up delivering a poor execution. At WINK Streaming, we have stuck to our core competencies, keeping our SKUs limited and focusing on the precision of our product.

Talking about your company being a market leader, what would you say your biggest selling point is that your competitors don’t offer?

All of our customers will tell you: WINK Streaming is a cut above the rest when it comes to our hands-on approach. WINK Streaming will be there all the way through a project, from presales to deployment, to customer service over the life of our product. WINK Streaming strongly values our customer relationship and works hard to ensure the success of our projects and customers. When they succeed, we succeed.

You have recently announced your new SDK Passthrough functionality, how will this benefit your customers?

We are incredibly excited about the new Genetec Security Centre SDK Passthrough functionality. WINK Streaming had some limited SDK functionality for camera controls such as PTZ; however, with this new release, our transcoding, archiving and viewing solutions can provide the same functionality and more than a native Genetec Security Centre component. The new SDK Passthrough to Security Center will allow our customers a finer level of control, flexibility and a vast improvement in setup and maintenance time. This eliminates the need to update configurations in multiple locations.

You offer many services and products, but lets talk about your WINK Encoder. It can improve video quality without significant investment in time or infrastructure, how is that possible?

The WINK Encoder is one of our oldest and most mature products. Initially, the WINK Encoder provided H264 and VP8 encoding for HDMI and SDI inputs. This product has evolved to support virtual deployments for any digital input, including switched SDI. Our rapid deployment virtual system allows users to launch and deploy a virtual WINK Encoder in less than an hour. Thanks to our ability to provide this encoding solution both as a hardware appliance or virtual appliance, the WINK Encoder works in any environment.

Have you seen an increase in the popularity of your Security & Surveillance service with the increased threats that are currently circulating?

Security and surveillance mean a lot of different things to different people. With the increase in availability and affordability of cameras and VMS solutions, it seems there are now cameras everywhere.

For us at WINK Streaming, things have not really changed too much as we mainly deal with cameras in public spaces such as roadways etc., and we make these feeds available to the public.

What technology do you wish to expand into?

We have limited deployments into thermal imaging, but this coupled with optical video is defiantly in the short-term future.

Why should someone looking for the services you offer come to you instead of going to your competition?

WINK Streaming’s product offerings are designed to meet a particular set of needs. We feel that our product offering is so well-tuned to our target market that the experience provided by WINK Streaming is unparalleled; in essence, we have no competition. WINK Streaming’s transcoding is the cornerstone of many cities and state deployments, often wholly replacing a legacy VMS with a new range of flexibility.

So, you are a global leader, and have become one of the most recommended companies in your field, so where do you go from here? What do you plan to do next?

WINK Streaming will continue to keep our product offerings lean and build out other products based on our customer’s needs and feedback. Cities, States and large Corporations continue to want to unlock and share their live video with other offices and agencies and in many cases the general public.

As these technologies and industries continue to grow, we at WINK Streaming look forward to incredible future growth. We enjoy what we do and working with our customers. We rarely turn down a complicated challenge and enjoy working with our partners.

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