Author J Stewart Willis Presents His New Book Title “Requiem for Geraldine Gerbil: A Police Detective Whodunnit”

Former Professor of Physics at the Military Academy J Stewart Willis announces new crime and mystery novel about two detectives trying to find who’s responsible for the death of children’s author Daffy O’Hanlon.

Author J Stewart Willis announces his new book titled “Requiem for Geraldine Gerbil: A Police Detective Whodunnit” The 337-page novel is about the quest of Detectives Drury Metzinger and Leslie Givens to unravel who is responsible for the murder of children’s author Daffy O’Hanlon.

Lovers of crime and whodunit novels will enjoy the thrill, intrigue, suspect, mystery, and action of the story as the officers race against time to solve the murder. Of course, everyone loves her Geraldine Gerbil books, but the detectives are not giving any chances by excluding even a single person from their list of suspects.

There are seventy-six chapters in the book that unveils a simple plot in entertaining language that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them wonder what happens on the next page. Every chapter has something new to offer, which hints at the characters’ journey that compels the reader to fear for their safety and hope for success.

In a story where everyone is a suspect, including family members, nosy neighbors, and unmet obligations, it’s impossible to tell who ended the life of Daffy O’Hanlon on the front door of her Northern Virginia home. Yet, every hint counts, and every tip must be examined, as there is limited time to solve the case before the killer finds an escape and disappears forever.

Author J Stewart Willis has proven himself a master storyteller and expert in mystery, suspense, and thriller over the years. The former Professor of Physics at the Military Academy knows how to create characters that people quickly bond with and plots that get readers engaged and excited. He’s the author of 5 books, all of which are doing very well on Amazon. He recently joined the Eric Hoffer Award and has recorded many other outstanding achievements as an author. This latest book is a must for those who love mystery to challenge themselves and solve the crime before the detectives do.

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