Author’s Tranquility Press Enlists Harry the Hummingbird: A Lesson Learned by Patricia Thorpe

Nature lover Patricia Thorpe releases her book entitled “Harry the Hummingbird: A Lesson Learned” through Author’s Tranquility Press, one of the leading self-publishing sites. Inspired by her true love of nature and its beautiful animals in the wild, the story revolves around a hummingbird named Harry. The book is intended to teach young children fun while teaching them to learn how to share.

Patricia Thorpe’s niche is children’s learning strategies through stories of cute animals. It is indeed evident with Harry the Hummingbird: A Lesson Learned, which is in the way to become an effective learning tool for children. Thorpe’s books are adorable and effective tools for learning, especially for children. This book is something that can definitely be used for teaching. It is about a charming hummingbird that is attractive enough to keep their attention and understand the lessons to be learned in this book.

The book is listed in Author’s Tranquility Press, a major publicity agency in the literary world. Authors have a great chance to get the best exposure possible in partnering with Author’s Tranquility Press. Advertisements are an effective medium for exposure for book authors, but the strategy of Author’s Tranquility Press is something more. Not all authors are alike – they differ from each other such as their genre, writing style, or even the target market. The firm knows all this upfront, and the marketing strategies are customized according to the author’s needs. In the end, it will be a win-win situation favoring the author.

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