Online Personality Development Training for Children, Preteens and Teens by Speaker, Trainer and Coach Sujata Mukherjee

“Boosts Confidence; Builds Concentration”

Sujata Mukherjee is a life coach and student mentor. Her online kids’ personality development training module trains youngsters around the world to harness mental strength and strive for wisdom to overcome adversities as and when these appear.

According to announcements released by Sujata Mukherjee, the kids personality development training program offered by her is an excellent opportunity for parents to provide their children, aged 6 to 19 years, with world-class exposure to high-quality guidance and training in the various aspects of personality development. 

In today’s highly competitive world, children must imbibe the attributes that will stand them in good stead during their academic days and later in their professional life.. This personality development course for children opens up their minds to the world around them and fosters their ability to become global citizens. Just after 4 sessions parents can find a palpable difference in their children. With a background of personality development training for their kids, parents can justifiably hope that their wards will cope up well when asked to operate out of their comfort zones. 

Sujata Mukherjee is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, an NLP practitioner, a certified and Internationally licensed Heal Your life Facilitator approved by Hay House INC USA and a Globally certified life coach for Personal Excellence. Understanding of child psychology enables her to coach and mentor students. With her guidance, students can get rid of fears that hamper confidence and endanger them with negative self-beliefs. 

Preteens and teens are at a vulnerable age where peer pressure and parental expectations, if not handled, can lead to poor self-esteem. Once it takes root, this mindset can easily distract one from the tasks at hand. The loss of focus causes students to take an inordinately long time to complete small tasks. They begin to avoid responsibilities and loath exams. It may all culminate into faulty interpersonal relationships. 

By focusing on the basics of personality development for kids, Sujata Mukherjee provides them with the tools and the mindset for a fearless and alert personality that vibes positively in any environment. Children can overcome nervousness and anxiety, articulate their thoughts better, and acquire self-awareness.

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Sujata Mukherjee says, “Our online live personality development course for children, is a fun learning by facilitation, audio-visuals, worksheets, PowerPoint, storytelling, one-act plays, and various games, quizzes, and many more. This is why the children, once they attend the first class, surprise their parents by showing tremendous interest in joining the next classes. The parents say that the children literally  wait to attend the next classes. During this pandemic,  the children became too depressed, and this club was like a gasp of fresh air for the kids. Our courses are live online classes, which  connect kids around the world with batches for different time zones; we have both one on one and group sessions. Our USP is that despite being group sessions, our student strength is kept very low per breakout room, and we give individual attention to each student.

It is so rewarding to work with children, youth and adults  for positive transitions in their lives and see the satisfaction on their faces when their desire to invoke changes in their lives is fulfilled. Coaching ignites the urge to know and understand ‘self,’ which is where the journey starts. Self-awareness opens up the path for solutions to many challenges. It is very fulfilling to feel and see our students desire to know and understand more about themselves and to help them realize their true potential.”

About Sujata:

Sujata Mukherjee of Study Group (E – Learning) is a motivational speaker, corporate training strategist, student mentor, leadership consultant and life coach. A gifted, qualified, and widely traveled coach, Sujata helps individuals across all ages, discover their true self-worth, conquer the fear of speaking in public, gain massive confidence and lead more fulfilling lives. Businesses can reduce attrition and work frictionlessly with employees who have had their deepest insecurities addressed by the Live and Virtual sessions of Sujata Mukherjee.

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