Cozii Proptech App is Making Property Management Easy for New Wave of Landlords and Their Tenants

Landlords can manage maintenance requests and collect rent payment from anywhere, hassle-free.

Many landlords still manage their properties the old way — staying as out of reach as possible and providing limited rental service and communication options for their tenants. They only appear once a month to collect rent payment. This is especially true for landlords who don’t have a team of full-time and trusted property managers to look after their properties.

A reliable landlord who can address their tenants’ concerns is more likely to retain their tenants and keep income flowing. The new Cozii Proptech app, available on the App Store or Google Play, allows small and medium-scale landlords to simplify the process of managing their rental properties through automated online rent collection, maintenance request and tracking and renter screening among others without having to work too hard.

“We believe that landlord-tenant relationship can be greatly improved with an innovative Integrated Property Management application that’s designed collaboratively by landlords and tenants. Cozii Proptech app is convenient to use and makes the delivery of important rental home services seamless and hassle-free,” stated Yemi Ifegbuyi, Product Architect, Cozii Proptech.
According to Investopedia’s expert opinion, investing in residential rental property can be a good opportunity for passive income and to increase wealth, though it can come with difficulties. Some of the challenges of owning a rental property include finding good tenants, keeping up with maintenance issues, collecting rent payment on time and having an efficient process in place to address hassles that may arise. Although hiring a good property manager can lessen the burden of managing a rental property, it will cut into any profits. Using Cozii Proptech app allows landlords to do these tasks themselves conveniently while saving time and money.
Cozii Proptech is a holistic mobile platform that offers landlords products and services to manage their rental properties from anywhere in the world:

• Integrated Property Management app that connects landlord with renters and service pros
• Request and collect rent payment online timely
• Book local handyman for fast repairs
• Receive and approve maintenance requests and track repairs
• Free rental listing and premium renting leads
• Property maintenance and operations insight and more

Cozii Proptech is a great tool for new landlords who are just getting into the new wave of rental property investment. It’s effective in assisting them to manage and improve the conditions of their rental properties — helping landlords become better at making tenants happy.

Download Cozii Proptech today on the App Store or Google Play.

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