Rawan Aldobai’s The Destiny Switch is the Key to a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous Life

Business and Life Coach Rawan Aldobai shares her incredible journey and wealth of experience to those who are ready to live their destiny.

No woman or man is an island, and it takes genuine community relationships for one to succeed. In the 1980s, life coaching formally emerged and grew popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Many professionals desired to reach out to mentors who had the experience to help them navigate through life and its many facets. Today, life coaching has become a market of its own. A lot of people seek business and life coaches in moments of doubt, unhappiness, or when they feel “stuck.” A dangerous grey area of “come what may” and “captain of the ship” emerges.

Business and Life Coach Rawan Aldobai believes that while there are many things beyond one’s control, an individual holds the power to empower oneself, change thoughts and habits, overcome fear, self-doubt, stress, and anxiety. Having a strong sense of self increases a person’s likelihood of achieving his or her dreams. Rawan Aldobai calls her program The Destiny Key with the intention of instilling the values of discovering and choosing one’s purpose and working to make that happen.

Rawan’s mentor, New York Times Bestselling Author Peggy McColl, works with her in delivering The Destiny Key. The three-part program includes ten step-by-step, easy-to-follow video lessons, six-month group coaching, and a 60-minute one-on-one private session with just Rawan to talk about goals, past results, future results, and designing one’s destiny. An individual’s level of success in attaining the results, will of course depend on the time devoted to the program, ideas and techniques used, finances, knowledge, and various skills.

One of the more popular coaching programs also offered by Rawan Aldobai and Peggy McColl is The Money Marathon. It was designed for people to shift their money paradigms, develop a loving relationship with money, learn the language of wealth, develop daily disciplines, and start living in abundance. “The Money Marathon is “concise” and “meaty” – there’s no theoretical ‘fluff’ here,” according to Peggy.

The 26-day Monday Marathon is intense, and jam-packed with a wealth of valuable take-it-to-the-bank information that cannot be found anywhere else. The Money Marathon is only for people who are really serious about achieving success in their lives. Beyond the 26-day marathon, 10 warm-up sessions, a vault of resources, and a three-month direct access to Rawan is made available. The entire program is highly organized and highly comprehensive.

Rawan believes in empowering individuals so they can create financial wealth and freedom in all areas of their life.

Discover The Destiny Key at https://www.rawanaldobai.com/the-destiny-key. For other business inquiries, email coaching@rawanaldobai.com.

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Rawan Aldobai is an entrepreneur and a certified Business and Life Coach helping entrepreneurs, investors and professionals grow and experience quantum leaps in business and life.

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