Viking Warrior Shirts Acquires Exclusive Artist Rights

Rising Nordic Apparel Brand Finalized Exclusive Artist Contracts With Vexel Talent.

Buffalo – Jul 14, 2021 – Viking Warrior Shirts, a rising Nordic apparel brand based in New York State, announced today the completion of acquiring exclusive design licensing rights from Vexel platform artists.

In addition to offering modern t-shirt and apparel lines, Viking Warrior Shirt also offers viking jewelry, home goods, historically-themed apparel and accessories and more, all fit for theatres, museums, schools, followers of the Nordic faith and tradition, as well as people just looking for something shiny.

Especially in North America, so much of the emphasis of Western Civilization and history involves a focus on the Roman Empire and post-Christianized Europe. That’s been well represented over the entire lifetime of film and popular literature, and many popular films and television shows have made their success on retelling the tales of historical figures of these times. These include shows like History Channel’s Vikings and film franchises like How to Train Your Dragon.

“My goal with Viking Warrior Shirts is to transport anyone who shops there to a bygone age, where strength of arms, bravery, loyalty, and fealty meant so much. I want to give fans of viking culture a chance to be empowered in that special way, to feel and be like the viking warriors of old, to have nostalgic and memorable apparel and gifts that will leave them smiling and awe struck. As if they’ve got a piece of history,” said the joint creators of the apparel brand. “Now that we’re making partnerships, exclusive partnerships with artists for viking shirts, we can realize that dream just a little better.”

In the pipeline is a potential partnership with History Channel’s Viking franchise, and a potential opportunity for resale of officially licensed products.

Vikings have thoroughly captured the imagination of modern consumers – and brands like Viking Warrior Shirts work to help make it easier to live the legend.

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