Angela Andronache Attains Massive Success as a Real Estate Strategist in Merely Four Years After Arriving in Miami

Angela Andronache, came to the United States with $1,000 and one suitcase. Became a successful strategist in real estate after four years of being here!

Miami, FL, US – When it comes to Real Estate, one cannot deny that finding the best Realtor in town is not an easy job. With people wanting to sell and buy their properties, is easy to get lost in a sea of deception and make inaccurate selections that cost life savings. Hence, when wondering “How to find the best Realtor Near Me” is important to examine for someone knowledgeable in the real estate market but also willing to over-deliver and offer 100% of their time. Angela Andronache, is a Miami-based, leading strategist in the United States that became the most trusted Realtor with an established and strong reputation due to her “Client’s First” perspective.

Angela’s passion for Real Estate comes from a young age when Angela’s grandfather once mentioned The best investment on Earth is Earth itself. They wont make it no morewhich made her realize she can put her versatility to execution, and be that enlightenment for people that need her genuineness and attentiveness. Originating from the Republic of Moldova, a country with a Guinness World Record for the “World’s Largest Winery Underground”, Angela comes from a family of five, her mother as a professor of French & Russian Language and her father as an engineer. From youth, Angela’s ambition was to make this world a better place, to leave people better than she found them. As an aspiring Realtor, Angela took tremendous time learning from real estate experts. After obtaining wisdom from astonishing mentors such as Stacy Robins, Tom Ferry, Tony Robbins, and other industry experts, Angela soon set foot into the real estate world and gradually became the #1 GO-TO Realtor in Miami.

What distinguishes Angela Andronache from other realtors, is the abundant background in criminal investigations, financial negotiations, and strong ingenuity in marketing that gives Angela a competitive advantage. She leverages her considerable international database built over the years to offer the best services for her clients. Angela’s fearless approach to countless negotiations and criminal investigation skills comes in handy when taking care of her clients in selling or finding homes for sale.  She uses aggressive marketing tools that 75% of the Realtors are still not or willing to use.

The excitement for unlimited challenges and a resilient attitude motivates Angela to over-deliver. Her motto is simple: “focusing on clients first, being in their shoes, and the rest will come.” With this philosophy, she ensures that the needs of her clients are a priority in every stage of the sale process. Angela Andronache is backed by over 100 realtors with diverse knowledge and expertise, speaking 15 languages and designing unique solutions for their clients. Having a proven record of working with high-end clientele, the brokerage is proud to include top executives, prominent CEOs, professional athletes, politicians, musicians, national celebrities and fortune 500 CEOs, among other high-end-ranking public figures in the VIP list.

For Angela, real estate means freedom and stability along with a massive excitement that comes from serving the people she cares about. She is aware of the ability to do her tasks differently and make homeowners and buyers informed. Angela is assuring that people obtain the best value for their investment. Settled for dedication and in-depth knowledge, most clients feel confident in Angela’s approach that they trust her without having a second thought.

“A realtor’s legacy is not to compel transactions, but to help clients make informed decisions, feel in charge of those decisions, and gratified by the results.“ (Angela Andronache)

Angela is now hosting “The Success No One Talks” podcast to share strategies, knowledge, expertise, and habits from the most successful entrepreneurs. The podcast is a way for Angela to give back to society and help small entrepreneurs scale from Zero to SuperHero, shared by Angela’s guests in the show.

About Angela Andronache:

Angela Andronache is a Miami-based realtor and the Top Strategist of Luxury Real Estate, Waterfront Properties. Originating from a country with a Guinness World Record for the “World’s Largest Winery Underground”, Republic of Moldova, Angela in four years, became one of the Leading Real Estate Strategist in the United States.

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