International theatre consultancy moves into new markets with Charcoalblue Experience

International design consultancy Charcoalblue has launched a new business entity aimed at delivering a great guest experience for businesses in the workplace, technology, exhibition and events markets.

Established in 2004, Charcoalblue now has six studios in the UK, USA and Australia and has built its world-leading reputation through projects for the likes of the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Sydney Theatre Company.

It has now launched Charcoalblue Experience, which will look to apply its expertise from working with globally renowned cultural organisations to the workplace, technology, exhibition and events markets.

Already working with several leading companies, Charcoalblue Experience works with any business looking to create spaces for collaboration and storytelling that wants to deliver an enhanced experience for staff, visitors, guests and spectators.

Ian Stickland, Managing Director for Charcoalblue Experience, said: “Although Charcoalblue Experience may be a new name in the markets we are entering, we have been delivering this service on a global scale for some while.

“We apply our knowledge of audio-visual systems and our passion for combining the physical with the digital, with our ability to get projects built to ensure the overall guest experience is elevated  within the building design”

The new entity’s projects include hybrid workplaces, one-off event spaces, sports facilities, broadcast studios, conference centres, and ecosystems across entire buildings and campuses.

Ian Stickland added: “We’ve developed our own successful creative delivery model which we use to translate the client’s brief.

“The model is built around our highly skilled team of Experience Consultants who work alongside architects, designers, engineers, construction project managers and other stakeholders involved in the building.”

Andy Hayles, Managing Partner of Charcoalblue, said: “This is an amazing next step for the Charcoalblue Group. Charcoalblue Experience will take us into new marketplaces and create opportunities to work with new and existing clients, providing the design and creative delivery solutions we love to bring to all our projects and, at its centre, is theatrical innovation that has always driven us.”

Watch explainer video:

About Charcoalblue Experience

Charcoalblue Experience works with organisations and design teams to discover, design and deliver world-class collaborative spaces that elevate the user experience through building design, technology and creative delivery models. With an established team of over 30 consultants that continues to grow, Charcoalblue Experience works with leading technology companies, retail, sports venues and anyone who wants to create extraordinary spaces for collaboration and storytelling. Its projects, which are often complex, include hybrid workplaces, one-off event spaces, conference centres, and ecosystems across entire buildings and campuses.

About Charcoalblue

Established in 2004, Charcoalblue is the world’s leading international theatre, acoustic and digital consultancy. Through its network of six studios in the UK, USA and Australia, it delivers projects to every corner of the globe. Charcoalblue works on projects of all sizes ranging from educational projects, community facilities and event spaces. It has worked for many of the world’s leading cultural organisations including world-famous UK companies such as London’s National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Opera House; renowned international cultural institutions like Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the NY World Trade Center and Steppenwolf and; cutting-edge performance spaces such as Sydney Theatre Company, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn and Toronto’s Luminato Festival.

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