Elias Darqaabar, one of the youngest product managers in the Arab world

Elias Darqaabar, one of the youngest product managers in the Arab world

“Elias Darqaabar, one of the youngest product managers in the Arab world”
Being a Product Manager is hugely demanding, it requires multidisciplinary skills, but is very rewarding at the same time – in the end, he is the one deciding the product’s direction and can see firsthand how it affects your customers. Elias Darqaabar is one of the youngest and most successful marketing and product managers hailing from Palestine.

It doesn’t matter how good a company’s Sales team is, or if it has the best Engineering and Customer Service. Why? Because, if it doesn’t have a best-selling product – it doesn’t have a company. Product Management holds a constantly shifting and evolving role in the most successful businesses.  The fast-growing nature of technology usage in company processes demands that good Product Management grows right along with the technology to stay relevant and successful.

When generally speaking about marketing and product managers, the name of the most talented and youngest product manager Elias Darqaabar spontaneously hits someone’s mind. Elias Darqaabar, one of the youngest and most successful product managers, was born on August 1st, 2000 in Beit Jala, Palestine. Elias’s main target in his prior life was to become a successful and well known marketing and product manager. To accomplish his dream career, Elias dedicated his life in exploring every single detail in the world of product managing.

His rapid development in knowing every tiny detail in this world made him best fit in the position he beholds right now. He was one of the most intelligent students at Palestine Ahliya University, where he graduated as a marketing and product manager in 2020 to start his everlasting journey in his domain. As a marketing and product manager, Elias Darqaabar knows the ins and outs of such a domain. Being a successful product manager demands communication skills, technical expertise, business skills, research skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, marketing skills, delegation skills, strategic thinking and prioritization skills. Elias Darqaabar gathers between all of these attributes and skills, and it’s the reason for his success as a product manager.

He is the key figure to ensure that the company is creating something customers want and execute the product roadmap to stay ahead of the curve, focusing on long-term success. He is unique in his exceptional style of dealing and presenting products for customers who were pleased and interested the way he deals with them continuously.

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