Noota launches online transcription and captioning platform

Audio is transcribed within minutes using Noota’s powerful AI technology

July 14, 2021 – Noota, a new online transcription and captioning platform, is now available to the public in more than 30 languages and accents.

Noota can be used to automatically transcribe recorded audio of meetings, presentations, phone calls, and more all within minutes of upload. Noota boasts one of the lowest error rates on the market, able to transcribe audio with 95% accuracy.

Speed sets Noota apart from other transcription and captioning services. Users can view captioned video content in real-time, so there’s no waiting around for transcripts. On average, it takes only 20 minutes to transcribe a one-hour audio recording using Noota.

All transcripts also come with instant search capability, so users can quickly locate information within lengthy audio files. It’s a great tool for journalists, doctors, students, podcast creators, and videographers who need fast and accurate audio transcripts.

How Noota works

Noota is powered by powerful AI speech recognition technology that easily adapts to different voices. It also improves punctuation, so transcripts are grammatically accurate.

Here’s how to use Noota:

1.A user uploads their audio or video file to Noota. Files can be recorded using a phone, a computer, or using the Noota Chrome extension tool. All files are encrypted per the RGPD.

2.The user indicates the language and the number of speakers in the audio file. Then, Noota gets to work. Noota will automatically include transcripts and note different speakers in each file.

3.Users can review and edit the transcription or captions using Noota’s special editing tool.

4.Once the file is ready, the user can export the transcription or captions in a variety of file formats.

5.Users can also take advantage of Noota’s report writing software to make it easy to break down the most important parts of a transcript.

Paying for Noota is easy. Users can simply pay based on the length of their audio file, or select from one of Noota’s several subscription options.

Noota is a France-based start-up online transcription and captioning platform that provides 95% accuracy on quality audio files. 

For more information about Noota, please visit You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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