The Green Eyed Raven Offers Inspirational Books that could be Perfect Companions Today

An online shop aims to empower people in embracing their natural gifts by enriching their lives through books.

A timeless partner that anyone can count on as they traverse their journey in this world is a book. Many find solace and inspiration in reading which makes books the best companion when things are getting tough in these uncertain times. The Green Eyed Raven aims to be a reliable platform where people can turn to when they need books for support, motivation, learning, or entertainment.

Acknowledging the power of books, the Founder of The Green Eyed Raven Vanessa R. Pittman has been offering reading materials online for those who are looking for a ray of sunshine as they pursue a certain endeavor. “My purpose is to help those fight the fear of failure and learn to embrace the gifts God provided to you to live an enriched life,” Vanessa R. Pittman said. There are many books available on their website at that anyone can surely find the one that they want or need.

Some of their materials include How To Start Online Coaching Business, Become Best Version of You, and Manifest In Color which is an adult coloring book for entrepreneurs. It is noteworthy that the majority of their books are for personal development that encourages them to manifest and work on themselves. Indeed, books hold so much power that they can change perspectives. Go find that empowering buddy with the help of The Green Eyed Raven today.

About The Green Eyed Raven

The Green Eyed Raven is an online platform that offers a variety of books for people who are looking for inspiration. Based in New York City, Founder Vanessa R. Pittman took it upon herself to help others embrace their gifts through reading.

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