23-Year-Old Black Filmmaker Starts Production Company to Help Actors Build Their Reels

Brooklyn, NY – July 14, 2021 – A vibrant team of writers and filmmakers has come together to help new and upcoming actors build their demo reels. The company is called The Conscious Co-Creative Productions or “The Coco Creative” for short. It is a black, woman-owned company with a majority of the creative team members also being people of color.

When embarking on the acting journey, a demo reel is critical as it allows actors to showcase their skills and convince producers and casting directors that they are perfect for the role.

The Coco Creative allows aspiringactors to access affordable reel services and package deals in the midst of an industry that can get expensive to continually invest in.

Twenty-three-year-old Haitian American actress Gabrielle Barlatier started the company in August of 2020. Having had the experience of struggling to find a reliable filmmaker to help her with her reel, she saw the need for a production house to help other actors and actresses  like herself get the quality footage they need.

Having created over 80 reel scenes with actors, she understands the work that goes into producing a good quality reel. So, with her creative vision, she rallied a team of freelance filmmakers and writers to form The Coco Creative. She was able to kickstart the company during the Covid-19 season. During this period, several productions had ceased due to safety restrictions on sets, and many filmmakers and actors had to stay home. Since Coco’s inception, the group of filmmakers come together once a month to help aspiring actors create outstanding work.

“Every actor has a headshot. So, a reel is your actual calling card to get into the industry,” Barlatier explains.

The company has created reels for many budding actors. The Coco Creative has done work in genres such as drama, horror, romance, fantasy, thriller and more. They have helped actors to reach the next level of their careers. Recently, one actress got signed & received representation by Ava Management a few months after creating her reel with Coco. Another actress got accepted into Stella Adler School of Acting after Coco Creative produced her reel.

In sharing advice for budding actors and actresses considering getting a reel done, Barlatier says “Before getting your reel, get training.”

Training will help actors produce high-quality work they are proud of and feel comfortable sending out to casting directors, agencies, filmmakers, and so on.

The Coco Creative is a safe, inclusive, and highly productive space. The team meets actors where they are and helps them create work that exceeds their expectations. In addition to making reels, The Coco Creative offers private coaching, script writing, and even headshot services for actors. And for creatives looking to produce more extensive projects, the team offers services to take any project from start to finish, including films, music videos, interviews, skits and more.”

“At Coco, we believe all actors should also be filmmakers or at least have a more active hand in the process of creating stories they want to see themselves in,” Barlatier says.

The company offers three main packages. The D.I.Y Creative allows actors to write their own scripts at a lower cost. The Starter Co-Creative provides actors with two fully produced cinematic scenes, while the Primetime Co-Creative gives actors an elite editing and cinematography experience. There are also flexible payment plans and payment options available.

To learn more about The Conscious Co-Creative Productions or to book a consultation, visit their website.

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