Introduces Innovative Nerve Stimulation Techniques via Vagus tVNS Stimulators is a consumer health device manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. The brand is committed to developing innovative technologies and techniques of reinforcing and balancing autonomic health in a natural, organic way. was named after the “Wandering” Nerve, which affects a myriad of core functions of the body and brain. The firm was developed by a team of professional engineers, who have spent decades researching a plethora of topics within the realm of neuroscience:

“Developed by a team of passionate Scientists and Engineers, this Vagus Nerve Stimulator is designed to give you control. Rebalance Your Autonomic Nervous System, and slow down the effects of aging.“

The company is committed to raising awareness of how crucial the Autonomous Nervous System is, and how important it is to keep it balanced through organic means. proclaims:

“Daily stimulation of the Vagus nerve using micro electrical pulses has been shown to have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. The decline in the activity of the nerve, particularly as we age, is linked to many minor health issues, such as mood changes, disruption of sleep patterns, problems with digestion and immune system strength, and reduced exercise capacity.”

The Vagus nerve, as well as’s research, is tightly connected to the Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulations, commonly referred to as tVNS. The company’s scientific efforts regarding tVNS are available on their official website:

“Very simply put, tVNS is electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve via electrodes clipped to the tragus region of the left ear. As explained, the vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve and connects the brain with all the major organs in the body. Because the vagus nerve is the primary mode by which the body relaxes and recuperates, its stimulation has restorative and healing effects on health and wellbeing.“

One of’s most heavily acclaimed products is the tVNS Stimulator, which was met with very positive feedback from verified customers. Jamster pointed out that’s stimulator is straightforward and minimally demanding in terms of maintenance, stating:

“Quite a powerful stimulator and easy to clean. Can’t see any reason to spend more than this on one. The only downside is the battery life seems somewhat short, would say 5 days maximum before it starts to complain. But it’s my little 15 minutes of heaven/day.”

After awarding the brand with five stars, Dorothy Pritchard voiced her opinion on’s tVNS stimulator:

“So glad I went for this – after looking around for devices, I thought I’d chance this one. For such a compact machine it is really strong. I love that you can charge it via USB and don’t have to keep buying batteries and there is no separate charger. I just plug it into my laptop most of the time. It comes with a neat pouch to hold everything – I am happy to recommend this product.”

More information on and the company’s products can be found on the brand’s official website.

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