Developments in Literacy leads the charge in bringing low-cost, high-quality education to children across Pakistan

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, co-head of the DIL Washington DC Chapter, says there is a need to scale up learning management systems and assure no Pakistani child is left behind, especially with COVID-19 spurring significant changes in Pakistan’s education.

Developments in Literacy (DIL) has stepped up efforts to bring low-cost, high-quality education to thousands of deserving children across Pakistan.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, co-head of the DIL Washington DC Chapter, says with COVID-19 spurring significant changes in Pakistan’s education, there is a need to scale up learning management systems to assure no Pakistani child is left behind.

“DIL has been at the forefront in pushing for a synthesis of technologically driven learning, rigorous teacher training, tailored curricula, and project-based activities to enable Pakistani students to apply concepts they learn to everyday life,” says Dr. Anosh Ahmed, an internal medicine physician, philanthropist, and angel investor. 

According to DIL, only 14% of Pakistani students make it to high school, more than 60% of women are unable to read, and fewer than half of Pakistani girls are enrolled in school. 

Many out-of-school children are trapped in a poverty cycle, vulnerable to exploitation. Living in underserved areas deprives children of access to basic resources and places numerous structural barriers in their path.

“Pakistani children need a helping hand, and education is the most powerful weapon we can provide. It’s an important tool to lift them, their families, and the entire communities out of poverty,” says Dr. Anosh Ahmed, who himself has been helping underserved communities through the years. 

Dr. Anosh has been channeling his entrepreneurial success towards helping others. He has founded Heart of Health Clinics, which seeks to provide access to high-quality healthcare to patients regardless of employment status, age, nationality, or ability to pay for medical care.

The DIL Washington DC Chapter is co-headed by Dr. Anosh Ahmed and Amar Hasan, who believe in the power of education in breaking down barriers to opportunity.

The charity has led the charge in building child-friendly schools that serve as safe spaces for students’ social, intellectual, and emotional flourishing. 

It also harnesses the power of Technology-Enabled Academic Learning (TEAL) to integrate classroom media into the existing curriculum, enhancing students’ understanding of core subjects.

Fiza Shah, Chief Executive Officer of DIL, founded the organization in a bid to provide quality education to underprivileged Pakistani children. She led the organization, successfully establishing hundreds of schools and educating tens of thousands of underserved children, particularly girls, throughout Pakistan’s four provinces.

For over 20 years, DIL has led the way in helping Pakistani children realize their full potential and contribute toward the socio-economic betterment of their communities.

Today, its students work in fields as diverse as medicine, engineering, and public service, charting the future of their country.

Those who want to lend a helping hand can check out the DIL website for more information on how to donate.

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