Lee Hyder Helps Divorcees Make Smarter Investments Decisions with Their Divorce Settlements through his latest Book A Divorcees Financial Guide

This book will guide divorcees on how to avoid many of the common mistakes divorcees often make with their settlements.

Rebuilding one’s life after divorce takes a lot of strength, will and focus. Sometimes divorcees aren’t sure how to manage their new lifestyle, even more so their sudden windfall of their divorce settlements. Those who seek professional assistance will find great support and comfort from financial “Wealth Coach” Lee Hyder of firm Lee Hyder & Associates. For more than 28 years, Lee has been helping divorcees achieve financial peace of mind.

Lee Hyder & Associates takes a personal approach in dealing with clients’ concerns and offers a high level of service paired with 28 years of experience, comprehensive resources and support, objective and in-depth knowledge. Its founder, Lee Hyder, has been helping divorcees remove the fear and anxiety concerning investing their divorce settlements and making more informed overall decisions with other investments as well. He has written numerous books on investing, portfolio design, asset allocation, investing strategies and more.

Lee’s recent book, “A Divorcee’s Financial Survival Guide: How to Invest Your Settlement Like an Expert,” assures readers that although their divorce may feel like an emotional disaster, investing and managing their divorce settlement doesn’t have to be. By downloading and reading Lee’s latest book they will learn that making the right and deliberate decisions on how to invest their settlement doesn’t have to be as scary as it once may have seemed.

A Divorcee’s Financial Survival Guide” helps divorcees make more informed decisions about their divorce settlement and points out how to recognize and avoid many investing mistakes and pitfalls that often surround many divorcees. It lays out academically based and time-tested strategies that will help guide any divorcee throughout their new journey as they rebuild their life.

The book further teaches readers what to look for when selecting a financial adviser who understand the unique issues that face divorcees, and how to recognize reasonable fees for an adviser. They will learn how to determine if their portfolio is properly diversified, when and how to rebalance their portfolio and the consequences if they don’t. The book also discusses additional financial topics such as determining how to avoid needless risks and how to determine a safe monthly withdrawal amount without running out of money. Ultimately, the book teaches divorcees how to achieve peace of mind as an investor free from fear, worry and anxiety.

To download your free copy of lee’s latest book “A Divorcee’s Financial Survival Guide” Go to: www.divorcee.info

More information about Lee Hyder and his firm, Lee Hyder & Associates, can be found at http://www.leehyder.com. To contact Lee directly, email him at: lee@leehyder.com.

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