Open Formula, a New Favorite Among Clean Beauty Enthusiasts

The first ultra-clean skincare brand.

There is a good reason why you should care about the products you put on your skin. American women today are exposed to 168 chemicals every day through skincare and cosmetics, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Many of these chemicals are known to disrupt hormones and cause infertility and cancer.

This is why at the beginning of the year, Open Formula debuted the first skincare products with ultra-minimal, 100% clean ingredients. Set on a mission to prove that skincare with a clean, short ingredient list is more effective and pleasant to use than traditional chemical-ridden products, Open Formula is succeeding. With over 50,000 customers today, the company quickly gained popularity in the clean beauty community, with users calling it the first ultra-clean skincare brand.

Their Gentle Cleanser and Oil Cleanser only have two ingredients each. Their Lactic Acid Peel and the Glycolic Acid Peel have two and three ingredients, respectively. Their serums, creams and masks are also formulated in a similar way – with a strong active ingredient to deliver results in a simple base.

“We put only ingredients that serve a purpose in the formulas. The same way people want to eat simple, healthy foods with a few natural ingredients, they want to use clean skin care without the toxic junk. And that’s what we offer,” says Open Formula.

The brand also took transparency to a new level – listing the percentage of each ingredient on the back of their product labels, unlike anyone else. “Relationships are built on trust. And what better way to earn people’s trust than to tell them exactly what goes in the products they put on their skin. We are about radical transparency,” they add. All ingredients used by Open Formula are clean-rated by the EWG.

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About Open Formula

Open Formula is an ultra-clean skincare brand for the health-conscious. It offers skincare products with minimal, clean ingredients that produce results, eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals and delight the skin.

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