US Overseas Student Union donates masks to East Los Angeles College against COVID-19

United States Overseas Student Union (USOSU), a nonprofit organization to help international students. Recently California has announced that students can go back to school for in-person classes in the coming fall. USOSU donated 1000 KN95 masks to the East Los Angeles College (ELAC) to slow the spread of Covid-19.

[Photo of ELAC from left to right: Klaus Liu ( Director of USOSU Event Department), Lillian Guo (Vice President of USOSU), Joe Wu (President of USOSU), Belia Xia (Secretary General of USOSU), Haonan Gong (President of ELAC-CSSA), Xinyi Yu (Vice President of ELAC-CSSA), Cassie Cai (President of US-Shanghai International Student Association), Wanying Wu (Director of USOSU Public Outreach Department)] 

USOSU was founded in Los Angeles in 2018, committing to uniting international students from all over the world, opening up the social network for the students studying abroad in the United States.

[Photo: Joe Wu (President of USOSU)]

The President of the USOSU, Yuzhou Wu (Joe Wu), said that from June 15, 2021, “California is fully open to international students who need to return to the U.S. to attend in-person classes. With the strong spreading of the Delta variant, parents are all highly concerned about the safety of their children in the United States.” Regardless of how tough it gets, USOSU will continuously donate masks to schools across the state and provide resources and benefits for international students in the U.S.; Including free legal consultations, psychology consultations, and career workshops. We hope that international students in the U.S. will get the maximum help they need.”

[Photo: Ziyue Guo (Vice President of USOSU)] 

Ziyue Guo (Lillian Guo), Vice President of USOSU, said that “USOSU will always hold its mission to build a home for international students in the U.S.” Lillian is mainly responsible for organizing and outreaching; As an international student, she graduated from one of the top 20 universities in the U.S. with 4.0 GPA, and now she is studying Ph.D. in Linguistics at a top university in Canada with a full scholarship. In terms of teaching practice, she has many years of experience in English education/training in China and the United States, with teaching groups ranging from elementary school students to adults. With the initial goal of serving USOSU, Lillian organized different types of events for the union and led members to obtain various social resources. In the future, she will integrate American and Canadian resources and devote herself to build the best platform of resources for overseas students.

[Photo: Belia Xia (Secretary General of USOSU)] 

“Masks are still an essential supply for schools since vaccines have not been approved for kids and teenagers. With the spread of Delta, the mask donations of USOSU is highly appreciated,” said Zhilei Xia (Belia Xia).  Belia is the Secretary General of the USOSU, and she is managing the Social media and marketing department of the USOSU. Belia was born and raised in Jiangsu, China. She started her study in the U.S. all by herself in 2016 and graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2020. After graduation, Belia joined the USOSU family and focused on helping more international students like her to solve the difficulties in the U.S.

[Photo: Wanying Wu (Director of Public Outreach of USOSU)]

“The USOSU will continue its mission to serve international students and clear any obstacles to help international students succeed,” said Wanying Wu, the director of the USOSU public outreach department. In 2009 she worked as a public relations specialist of DOVE in South Asia and increased the maximum brand awareness in the Asian market. She came to the United States to pursue an MBA degree. Currently, she is the PR director of EasyFind Company with outstanding diplomatic skills. Wanying joined the USOSU in 2020. Together with Joe Wu (President of USOSU) and Te Liu (President of US-Henan International Student Association), they filmed an anti-discrimination and anti-Asian hate crime to raise awareness of racism. And these films had gained so much support across the U.S. Earlier this year. Wanying expressed her life mission to help overseas students regardless of where they are from. 

“We overseas students are appreciated to USOSU,” said Zhengxin Liu (Klaus Liu), a current student at ELAC. Klaus is not only a member of THE Chinese Scholars and Student Association (CSSA) at ELAC; he is also the head of the event planning department at USOSU. As the bridge between USOSU and ELAC, Klaus made the event vivid and set an excellent example for ELAC students to follow; “wearing a mask and saving our community!” Said Klaus. Klaus was born in Nan Chang, Jiang xi, and he has been in the United States since 2012. Now, he is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree at ELAC. At his position in USOSU, he participated in organizing events, such as photography contests, where he demonstrated his strong leadership. “In the future, I will continuously organize events to add the sparkles of joy for overseas students’ social life.” Said Klaus. At this difficult time, Klaus encouraged students of all ages to protect themselves by wearing masks and getting vaccines.

[Photo: Klaus Liu (Director of Event Planning Department)] 

Although USOSU implemented actions to assist international students, Cassie Cai (Shenqi Cai) thought the current difficulty for USOSU is how to attract more international students to help others. “Because of the pandemic, as you can see, even though the condition goes smoothly, many students still don’t want to go out and help others,” said Cassie, “so in the future, we will hold more events like this donation campaign to touch more and more international students.” Cassie Cai, a current JD student at Pepperdine University School of Law, is the President of the US-Shanghai International Student Association. As a prospective professional in the legal field, she endeavors to contribute to international students with her experience and insights in the U.S. and international legislation. Graduated from the University of California San Diego with a double-major in Social Psychology and Communications, Cassie deeply appreciates young and original ideas. She focuses her study in the realm of intellectual property, striving to provide the best support to the voice of her generation. Cassie joined USOSU in early 2021. Carrying the mission to tighten the bond among international students, she holds hands with USOSU and is dedicated to celebrating a more connected community.

[Photo: Cassie Cai President of US-Shanghai International Student Association]

The USOSU partners with 40 Chinese Scholars and Student Associations (CSSA) in the U.S and work together on the Baidu Baike project to help students get free and detailed information about all universities in the state. Baidu Baike is an online free-content encyclopedia project helping to create a world in which everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

The outbreaks of the highly transmissible Delta variant have been officially confirmed nationwide. USOSU suggests that students continue wearing masks both indoors and outdoors to take care of others. Start by taking care of yourself! 

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