Teachings of the Universe – Jesse Kalsi’s Newly Released Book is the Ultimate Numerology Guide

Fremont, California, USA – July 15, 2021 – Renowned numerologist and author Jesse Kalsi has now released his latest book, All About Numbers: Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers. The new book introduces people to simple and complex numerology concepts to help them live their best life. Numbers play a large part in our existence and mastering the art of numerology can help a person read signs from the universe that lead them to better things in life.

All About Numbers is a highly comprehensive book that is suitable for those readers who are experienced with numerology and those who are complete beginners. In addition to basic concepts, the book takes a deep dive into many subjects and helps people understand different numbers and combinations that correlate with different fields of life. According to Kalsi, the universe speaks through numbers and each number carries its own significance, vibration, and impact. Using one’s name and birthday, every person can find the unique set of numbers that have been etched into their universal existence. Understanding the deeper meaning and guidance of these numbers can help a person unlock their true potential and overcome limiting barriers. Understanding numbers is known to help people create progress in all areas of their life, be it career, business, finances, family life, personal relationships, or love life.

Jesse Kalsi is highly proactive about helping organizations and individuals achieve new milestones by using numerology. A successful real estate broker by trade, Jesse believes his true purpose in life to spread the art of numerology and help people from all around the world reap its benefits. His book, The Power of Home Numbers was an immense success and helped people realize the importance of numbers in keeping their household free of negative energies, while bringing success and positive light into the home. His new book, All About Numbers discusses numerology in a much broader context and helps people implement the teachings in all areas of life.

Jesse has been passionately involved in numerology for over 20 years. During this time, not only has he helped tens of thousands of people, but he has also worked with high profile businesses, renowned entrepreneurs, and entertainment companies. Due to his expertise in numerology, Jesse has appeared on many popular radio and TV shows in the United States.

Jesse Kalsi is available for interviews.

All About Numbers: Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097NKBZJB

About Jesse Kalsi: https://jessekalsi.com/about-jesse

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