Laser Wellness offering advanced Cosmelan® peel treatment for hyperpigmentation woes

Cosmelan® peel treatment offered by Laser Wellness is an industry-leading hyperpigmentation treatment which guarantees faster and more durable results.

Richmond Hill, Ontario – July 15, 2021 – Renowned laser therapy clinic Laser Wellness is providing state-of-the-art Cosmelan® peel treatment for treating hyperpigmentation blemishes and spots. An internationally-acknowledged depigmenting and skin lightening treatment, Cosmelan® peel caters to all kinds of pigmentation issues. The advanced therapy has shown visible positive results in 3-6 weeks that lasted for months.

Laser Wellness is extending the new Cosmelan® hyperpigmentation treatment peel through one of its major divisions Skin Rejuvenation Clinic – operating in 2 locations, Toronto and Richmond Hill. 

“We are excited to announce that we have currently started to offer cutting-edge Cosmelan® hyperpigmentation peel treatment to ensure a more powerful solution for hyperpigmentation woes. Cosmelan® peel is a globally-renowned professional depigmenting method that has proven to remove stubborn spots fully and more efficiently than conventional methods. The therapy offers immediate results and also keeps hyperpigmentation risks under control for a long-lasting outcome. Thousands of specialists around the world already trust its efficacy and around 1 million+ patients across the globe have already attained promising results with Cosmelan® peel treatment,“ stated the key spokesperson from Laser Wellness. 

The Cosmelan® peel hyperpigmentation treatment is offered in two parts – Cosmelan 1 and Cosmelan 2.

Cosmelan 1 is an in-clinic treatment that would be performed in the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic by a trained esthetician. The method involves application of a professional treatment mask that would be applied on the patient’s face in the morning. The mask would be left on for around 8-12 hours on an average – the range of wait-time would depend on a client’s specific Fitzpatrick score, skin type, and form of hyperpigmentation. 

Cosmelan 2 would be carried out by the client at home. The treatment will start 48 hours after the Cosmelan 1 method and should be performed 3x daily in the first week. From the next week, the frequency of the process would be reduced to twice daily, until the 3rd month. From the 4th month onwards,  the patient would have to do it just once in the evening. Cosmelan 2 is a significant part of the Cosmelan® peel hyperpigmentation treatment as it helps to boost the depigmenting results attained with the first part of the treatment.

“One of the major strongpoints of the Cosmelan® peel treatment is its assurance of almost immediate results. Clients have witnessed fading skin blemishes and brighter skin complexion in just a few days following the therapy. It will take around 3-6 weeks of treatment to experience full results. We assure you long-lasting results which would last for a good 18 months.“

Cosmelan® peel treatment is also effective for treating problems like acne, acne scarring, dry or rough skin issues and so on. Additionally, the method is rich in anti-aging properties and works wonders to accentuate general skin tone.

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is also offering another effective treatment for treating hyperpigmentation blemishes – Laser Carbon Peel. The process involves application of liquid carbon to the affected area which is then treated by laser light to remove the unwanted marks. It’s a comparatively faster procedure than the Cosmelan® treatment and requires no downtime.

Laser Carbon Peel has proven to successfully address all kinds of hyperpigmentation issues as well as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that, the treatment immediately rejuvenates the overall skin appearance and rewards clients with a softer and tighter skin.

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