The Best Metal Detector for Kids to Embrace the Nature of Summer – Ricomax Metal Detectors for Kids

This year, the summer strikes hard, but how to resist the fun of outdoors and the Mother Nature? As the summer holiday is approaching, why not take the kids to get close to nature, have fun and learn at the same time? This article will focus on 2 models dedicated for the spectrum from young kids to older teenagers.

As a growing company, Ricomax is dedicated to designing and producing the best metal detectors in the market. After trying and succeeding in the metal detectors for adults, Ricomax can finally bring out the kids’ version confidently. Let’s have a look at GC-1003, metal detectors for kids.

GC-1003 is a model of a metal detector designed especially for kids and also young teenagers by Ricomax. Its cute and yet professional appearance will catch the sight of the kids as soon as they see it. The whole body of GC-1003 is designed for kids to carry freely. First of all, it has a relatively tiny size, perfect for kids to carry to nature with only 2.84 pounds. The handle of this model helps kids to carry it in just one hand anywhere without hurting their wrists. Also, the display screen is children-friendly, with easy-to-read patterns showing the items and the data. With the bag that comes with the metal detector, it’s even easier to take this metal detector to the forest, garden, park, or any outdoor occasion.

Even though this is a kid version of a detector, the features of it are no toy-like. It can detect 4 inches under the surface, from iron to aluminum. The coil of GC-1003 is waterproof, thus no need to worry about going underwater, and it can be a wonderful option to take it to the beach for treasure hunt. Everyone knows the sea carries the most valuable treasures in the world! Besides, the size of the coil is 7.4 inches, which makes detecting more sensitive. The 20% larger coil allows users to quickly cover the ground, making it easier to search.


• No assembly required
• High accuracy
• Easy to carry
• Waterproof coil


• No sensitivity adjustment

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There is another model which is more suitable for teenagers and adults, GC-1023. This metal detector can detect as deep as 8 inches beneath the surface, and the sensitivity of it is adjustable from 10 levels. With four detection modes, 1023 is more accurate in giving feedback and finding targets. Even though the performance of 1023 can be quite professional, it is still light weighted, only 2.31 pounds, which is why more teenagers and adults find it handy to use. In addition, 1023 allows inserting a headphone, so user can detect in a noisy environment.


• Sensitivity adjustment
• Waterproof coil
• Different detection modes
• High accuracy
• Access port for headphone


• Assembly required

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