Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone welcomes international doctors

A new pioneer in Asian medical tourism industry, the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone is the only medical special zone in China, is launching its recruitment campaign worldwide.

It has been granted a host of preferential policies by China, in areas spanning conducting licensed medical treatment, licensed operations, licensed international medical communication, and licensed research.

This means that the most advanced medicines and medical instruments from around the world are allowed to be put into use in Lecheng.

A cluster for international medical technological service industries, Lecheng has gathered batches of global cutting-edge medical achievements. Around 80 percent of the multinational pharmaceutical enterprises, ranking among the top 30 globally, cooperate with Lecheng.

Lecheng is currently welcoming excellent doctors and medical teams from all over the world. At present, 15 medical institutions have started operations and 10 more are under construction.

It has now established deep cooperation relationships with more than 60 prestigious pharmaceutical companies from all over the world and is cooperating with international industrial associations and medical industrial parks in countries such as Israel, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Famous international medical institutes, such as Clos Champirol from France, the Singapore-based Asian American Medical Group, and King’s College Hospital London, have settled down in Lecheng.

It is expected that Lecheng will achieve breakthroughs in sectors such as building distinctive advanced medical centers and R&D conversion bases for highly-sophisticated medicines by 2025, fully forming an industrial aggregation and improving brand recognition.

By 2030, Lecheng will be developed into a top international destination for medical tourism and an innovative platform for medical technologies.

As a new pioneer in Asian medical tourism industry, Lecheng is willing to provide international exhibition and scientific research platforms for professional international doctors, and bring better solutions to patients.

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