Cool-R Storm Ultra: A Revolutionary Portable Air Cooler

Tired of unendurable heatwaves and extortionate power bills? This cooler will keep you cool at work, home, or even on the road.

Cyprus – July 15, 2021 – With the onset of summer, the temperatures have been skyrocketing, most parts of the country have been vulnerable to excruciating heat waves. It is highly inconvenient for individuals to work, live or travel amid such conditions since the inconvenience becomes twice as great when affordable and efficient cooling equipment are out of one’s wherewithal. The importance of a refreshed residence and working space cannot be stressed enough. Soaring temperatures are proven to be harmful to humans, as they can escalate things from slight discomfort to sleep deprivation or lead to death. Hence, the best option available for people are air coolers for homes, and a desk cooler for workspaces, which, unlike, cumbersome and extravagant air conditioners, prove to be friendly on customer’s pockets.

Cool-R Storm Ultra proves to be the best air cooler equipped with a well-built cooling capacity, making it an ideal product for every living and working space. The product promises to be user-friendly and extremely easy to use. The most notable feature about this air cooler is that it is portable, making it a well-built, compact device that instantly connects to a wall socket or a USB plug, resulting in instant cooling. Moreover, it is a highly versatile device suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making people’s lives much more convenient.

At Cool-R, customers are the utmost priority, since the company strives to provide superior, quality products and make the customer’s experience worthwhile. Among such customers is Lisa M., who affirms the quality, adaptability, and efficiency of Cool-R-Storm Ultra by saying that, “We don’t have air conditioning in our home, but warmer months can be intense. When I’m trying to sleep and it’s too hot, I just plug this product in and it cools the room down in record time. I also love how it can run on USB power.” Another satisfied customer, Tim F, states that “I find exercising in warmer months hard to do, so I bought this air con unit to help out. It’s such a handy wee thing. I plug it into my power bank and it keeps me cool while I work up a sweat. Awesome.”

Additionally, customers can benefit from attractive discount offers on the efficient portable cooler that fits every space, whether indoors or outdoors. It is a clever investment that is affordable and easy to use and multi-functional. It has different speed settings that the customer can adjust according to their preference, moreover, it is highly adaptable to any environment, whether it be home, office, or even a car, and most interestingly, it can also serve the functions of night light. It is the ultimate product for any individual trying to find a versatile product and to get some relaxation from the heat.

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