P’s giTa – ScriPTures for the Now – Absolute Basic Timeless Truths and Essentials for this day and Age

Solutions to all world’s problems in only one book. Reviewed by Lotus Ocean Australia

PT aka Prashant Trivedi has penned a masterpiece that can enlighten humanity for generations to come. P’s giTa has already been translated into 11 languages and represents the core essence of Vedic knowledge and wisdom for the present age. This is the world’s most sacred scriptures compiled into its most condensed and lucid form to explain the ultimate truth about life and existence.

Anyone who reads this book will get new eyes to see. All the questions most of us have such as “What is love? What is God? What is the purpose of life?” are explained in a simple, straightforward poetic manner, along with penetrating insights about society, parents, depression, music, relationships, afterlife, food and more. There are answers to all questions that the so called popular gurus out there cannot answer and answers to questions never before addressed and in such a direct way. 

One can only Praise the understanding of life that the author possesses and his capability of presenting it in a way that fits the chaotic context of these times. With every turn of page one is not only confronted with abject razor sharp truth but with an ingenius wit that charms, amazes and educates. PT cuts through all lies and hypocrisy to provide a clear understanding of where we stand as a human race and what proper conduct means. 

Along with PT’s profound observations, practical solutions are given to help one evolve spiritually which can eventually lead to real bliss.

About PT

Prashant Trivedi is a respected expert on Vedic knowledge and recognized by many to be the Only Expert. An IIT graduate and published author/musician he has travelled extensively. He lives connected with nature and nature responds to his inner coherence. He has given numerous public talks online, on television, radio and conferences around the world. He teaches the importance of connecting to and respecting nature and centering ourselves in order to reach a state of inner and outer coherence. His teachings on meditation are different to all schools and teachers of meditation that have come before. PT tirelessly communicates that one should want their wellbeing and that this goal is achievable for everybody regardless of situation, age, health, race etc.

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Lotus Ocean Australia is a subsidiary of Lotus Ocean based in London, Uk. Lotus Ocean is an internationally renowned vedic and meditation teachingprogram and currently conducts classes in UK, Australia, Poland, India, Nepal, France, Albania, USA, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Italy. Founded in 2006 Lotus Ocean has been conducting hundreds of conferences and talks on Vedic science through numerous online portals, radio, television and at spiritual festivals in Europe, India and USA. In 2020 Lotus Ocean teachings were broadcast on Nepal National TV, Hathway Channel 125 in Mumbai and Shraddha (an all-India Vedic channel).

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