Actor Canaan John Dewey teams up with relationship coach Andrea LaRosa for new podcast show on successful dating and healthy relationship

Date Smarter.Sexier by Canaan John Dewey and dating coach Andrea LaRosa aims to help people create loving and sustainable relationships.

Los Angeles, CA – July 15, 2021 – American actor, artist and producer Canaan John Dewey is pleased to announce the recent launch of his new dating and relationship podcast show in collaboration with certified dating and relationship coach Andrea LaRosa.  Titled “Date Smarter.Sexier”, the podcast is aimed to guide single souls on navigating the dating scene successfully and finding true love in life.

The show is produced and co-hosted by Canaan along with Andrea. “Date Smarter.Sexier” is currently available on all major podcast streaming platforms online.

“We are excited to share with you all the launch of our new podcast show ‘Date Smarter.Sexier’. It’s an honor to have such an esteemed dating coach like Andrea in the team and as the co-host- she has already helped a lot of people improve their relationships and her expert guidance forms the major cornerstone of the show. It’s unfortunate that a lot of single people are struggling to find love in life and also there are many couples who are finding it hard to keep the relationship from sinking despite the best of intentions. Our podcast show aims to help both the single folks and couples develop better understanding on attaining a healthy relationship”, stated Canaan.

Date Smarter. Sexier debuted with the podcast “COVID in Love” which especially highlighted the dating and relationship challenges faced by many during the global pandemic. Added to single people, the show also focused on committed couples and married couples with kids. 

As of now, the podcast show has released 16 episodes, as part of the first season. A wide range of topics have been covered in the niche of dating and relationships, including illusions of love, the difference between hook-up and love, gender roles and relationships, love and dating while holidaying and more. 

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The podcasts not only shed light on improving relationships but also emphasize on self-care or self-love. Andrea has time and again stressed on the fact that an individual cannot give his/her best in a relationship if s/he is not taking care of himself/herself. 

One of the most popular episodes of the podcast show is the 10th Episode of Season 1. Titled “Answering YOUR Questions About Love” the episode features the leading dating and relationship coach answering all possible questions people can have about love. 

“Our mission is to help people navigate the dating scene with success and have healthy relationships. We talk about heavy topics, light topics and sometimes hot topics, but each show is created to help you laugh a little and love better. While Andrea is the dating and relationship expert here answering all your questions and queries, I entertain and share my wild stories and experiences. Together, we aspire to bring to you a show that is intriguing, enlightening as well as fun and entertaining.” 

New episodes are posted every Sunday at 12N PT. For more information, please visit or follow on Instagram @KingOfCanaan or @DateSmarterSexier

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