Senator Cory Booker Honored for his Farm System Reform Act by Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve at Annual Gala

Montague, NJ – Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve, New Jersey’s first animal sanctuary certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, will be honoring Senator Cory Booker with the Tamerlaine Trailblazer: A Champion for Positive Change Award. The award will be presented by Sanctuary co-founders Gabrielle Stubbert and Peter Nussbaum on Saturday, July 24 at the annual A Midsummer Night’s Gala.

The award celebrates Senator Booker’s trailblazing success in forming unlikely alliances between diverse groups of advocates in pursuit of ending factory farms in the United States.

Senator Booker’s Farm System Reform Act is co-sponsored by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Edward Markey. Among other reforms, the bill proposes a moratorium on factory farms and would prohibit the USDA from labeling foreign meats as “Product of the USA,” which is currently allowable. It would also provide significant financial support for farmers wishing to transition away from factory farming. The Act has gained unprecedented momentum, largely due to Senator Booker’s eloquence in speaking out against a powerful industry. Groups as diverse as Family Farm Action, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, Friends of Family Farmers, the ASPCA, and World Animal Protection have all endorsed the bill.

“We are delighted to present this award to Senator Booker, who shares Tamerlaine’s goal of a more compassionate world, and eliminating factory farms is a huge step,” says Peter, co-founder at Tamerlaine. “Senator Booker has accomplished something that no one else could. He has found common ground between people who once viewed each other as diametrically opposed. And that achievement could be the tipping point that sees his Farm Bill passed. With this award, we applaud the historic strides that Senator Booker has made in protecting farmed animals, and in helping people see the strength of our interconnectedness.”

Each year, Tamerlaine’s A Midsummer Night’s Gala honors those who have made a difference in the lives of farmed animals. It features an exclusively vegan menu, including an under-wraps list of curated cocktails. The dress code encourages outrageous ensembles: from elaborate headdresses with satyr horns, to nymph-inspired, glitter-winged gowns, the attendees do not disappoint! Throughout the Sanctuary, there are performances by dancers and musicians, and a band. A live auction takes place directly before the event culminates in dancing under the stars. Proceeds from this year’s Gala support the 21-acre Monarch Butterfly and Native Pollinator garden Tamerlaine is establishing, as well as provide medical care for their continuing animal rescue efforts. A limited amount of tickets are still available for purchase.

About Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve:

Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve is the first animal sanctuary in New Jersey to be certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Their four-part mission focuses on rescuing farmed animals, providing humane education at a global level, conserving habitat at a local level, and spearheading advocacy campaigns for each of these causes.

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