Owners Of The Thompson Building Launch Fighting Blight Campaign In Schuylkill County

Owners Of The Thompson Building Launch Fighting Blight Campaign In Schuylkill County

“Fighting Blight Bringing Pride Back From The Early Days”
For over 28 years, Advanced Consulting, Inc. has been a leader in the building & business industry. The company has embarked on a long-needed initiative Fighting Blight and has launched a new program in the county.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania – Fighting blight in municipalities is a huge undertaking that needs to be supported by government and private entities alike. Advanced Consulting Inc. is playing its part in Schuylkill County with its new Fighting Blight campaign, an initiative to help struggling areas keep their buildings in functional and fresh condition. In their mission to keep neighborhoods safe and clean, Advanced Consulting Inc new owners of The Thompson Building will be taking a hands-on approach with this initiative.

Gem Lake, CEO of Advanced Consulting Inc., says that “Safety and stability are two things we can never compromise. So, at the first stage of the process, our team checks all the aspects of buildings that can lead to risk or damage — from foundations to roofs to make sure it does not have any fundamental issues. Once we have ensured that, we assess when it will be worked on, every house is different, so timelines vary. An average full rehab can take anywhere from 3 to 16 months with multiple projects; this timeline extends out, as some houses require what we call immediate action which can take away from other properties.”

The professionals at the firm believe that curb appeal is not all there is to a property. The first rule of rehabilitation of a property is to fix what is broken, not what is visible — and that principle goes for every property. Too often, novice companies start with the outward appearance instead of what lies inside. However, the only way to improve a property is to identify where it needs help and go from there. Any experienced rehabber knows that starting from the inside out is the best approach for a proper renovation unless there are outside conditions that are a major safety concern. This is what Advanced Consulting has been practicing since its inception and continuing in its Fighting Blight project.

Lake said, he has personally fixed roofs, laid carpet & drywall, torn down garages, painted, cut grass, weed wacked, cleanout of houses, etc. and supervised workers on site throughout the entire County, taking a very hands-on approach along with meeting neighbors, giving them his number if they have any concerns to fully support each community.

Fighting Blight is not just a slogan; Advanced Consulting Inc. wholeheartedly believes in the cause. Property owners letting their properties get into a damaged state to the deterioration of structures to natural causes there can be many reasons for homes to be in a worse condition. But distressed properties need serious attention, and the company never hesitates to go the extra mile to provide workable solutions to these problems.

Fighting Blight takes a collaborative approach to blight removal, offering solutions that will bring every property that can be rehabilitated back into working order. In 2020, the company had acquired a property in Schuylkill County; not only was there a roof-leak problem for 5 years, but the leak was actually going into the other two attached properties. It was terrible for both structures. The owners were elderly and did not have the ability to fix it, so the company quickly fixed the problem and as a courtesy fixed the other roof and stopped a five-year problem within a week.

The Fighting Blight’s purpose is to fight blight in all of its forms. The founding company of the initiative believes that the most effective way to accomplish this goal is by empowering people by educating them about the causes and effects of blight and protecting properties from the core, not just fixing the exteriors. In addition, the company reinvigorates buildings with an inspection strategy that identifies issues, creates solutions, and monitors progress over the long term.

However, it is important to note the average person does not understand how real estate restoration work is done, and new owners are often unfairly blamed for simply being new owners. For example, in many cases, the “distressed” properties that Advanced Consulting Inc. takes over were allowed to fall into disrepair by their previous owners — in most cases for many years — before being acquired by them.

The company is not only fixing long-neglected problems; they are bringing value to properties and communities in need. Therefore, to give everyone a chance to understand their work and help people learn more about Fighting Blight, the company will feature updates on properties taking the challenge and making this county a shining example for the area, state, and country.

Go to www.fightingblight.com and join the movement.

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