Chris K. Daniels: The Visionary Filmmaker Everyone Needs To Know About

Chris K. Daniels is a unique, non-stop, visionary filmmaker with an eye for creativity. Chris is fresh in the entertainment industry and is taking it by storm. His beautiful creative work, storytelling style and general passion has made him one of my absolute favorite creators to watch progress in the world of all-things entertainment.

Chris K. Daniels

Creativity in the entertainment industry is often something that’s hard to come by. Whether it’s uniqueness, talent or anything in between; I find myself in times of repetitiveness, looking for someone or something to be excited about. Well, for the first time in a while: I’ve found that someone. His name is Chris K. Daniels.

Chris K. Daniels is a filmmaker, director, writer, comedian and generally: an entertainer, fresh in the industry. He’s a young man that just moved out to Los Angeles, this week in fact! I mean, they don’t get much newer than that. Though he may be new in the big leagues, this young man has been nonstop working at, and successfully building his craft prior to his west-coast move.

Filmmaker Chris K. Daniels started his entertainment run on YouTube back in the early YouTube days, when Chris was in 4th grade. He started out making these self-described “strange, offbeat stories with dumb, unclear amounts of ambition and occasional jokes.” Well, looking back on them now; they’re adorable. To see a ten-year old version of Chris doing what he does in a foundational way is charming, when put in context to the rest of his incredible trajectory.

Eventually, Chris started to focus on more serious, story-based short films in high school, leading him to eventually discover the vast world of film festivals. The amazing circuit filled with ambitious, like-minded folks all competing for bits and pieces of glory! Well, senior year of high school and early college was when Chris started to gain the recognition he deserved at these independent film festivals. He won a couple of big awards and honors celebrating his early narrative work. Most notably, he won the Best Film Award at the New Artist’s Film Festival in 2017, he won the Golden Tripod Award at Terminus International Film Festival in 2018, he was invited to screen and attend the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and he was accepted into the Sundance Creative Minds Filmmakers in 2019. And those were his first three years of college!

Chris K. Daniels at Cannes International Film Festival

The young filmmaker went on to focus his final year of college on one big project, in contrast to the previous years of more active, fast-paced productions scheduled sporadically. This “one big project” turned into the conceptual thriller that would soon become the all-encompassing, time consuming project of all projects known as: For The Good of The People. Chris co-wrote For The Good of The People, the thriller film about a small town corrupted by the idea of being a perfect utopia, with Jenny Whipple. The film went into production in late 2019, and is still being developed on the large scale to this day.

The “short film version” of For The Good of The People is a proof-of-concept piece to articulate the idea and establish the tone of this bizarre, ideological world. But the end goal is to take this project to the next level. After a hugely successful private red-carpet premiere at Cinemark Theater, the short film has officially entered into the film festival circuit and is now beginning its rounds. Chris K. Daniels is in the midst of developing the full-scale version of this story now, building a team as the project continues to gain momentum. To say the least, the project is very promising and there’s talk that a lot of highly-talented people are interested.

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All this work in the narrative film world is incredible, but it’s the “beyond that” aspect that really interests me about Chris K. Daniels. This young entertainer is nonstop, like I mentioned. In 2020, Chris co-created the comedy podcast “Better Off Better” with Jenny Whipple and Samuel Caswell. The show is a comedic, cut-throat journey to self-improvement, wherein each episode is a “challenge” focused on improving people in theory. The three hosts compete against each other every week to out-self-better one another. That sounds healthy, huh? Well, it’s certainly not. But it is hilarious! The show is such a unique take on podcasting, that I immediately binged all of it and made my friends join in on the excitement as well. These three are so quick-witted and snappy with bits and insults at each other, that the irony of the whole show is outstanding. It’s funny and engaging, so-much-so, that it’s quickly become my favorite podcast of the year. With that, the podcast was also titled among “The Best Comedy Podcasts of 2020” by Feedspot. I mean, well done! And well-deserved!

Chris K. Daniels - Better Off Better Podcast

But did you think that was all? Well think again! Chris K. Daniels didn’t stop there. In January of 2021, Chris started producing and hosting an online show he calls “Money Lore.” In it, he takes insane, surreal stories from the world of “money” (finance, stocks, crypto, business, etc.) and makes these immersive dives into the tales. He utilizes his comedy, his creative style and his storytelling skill to make these things absolutely unique and amazing. The videos are growing quite quickly and the audience is LOVING these stories. It’s a very interesting series, because it showcases Chris’s humor with his filmmaking skill, but in a “genre” that doesn’t have anything like this within it. Chris has such a pleasant way of bringing forward the entertainment value and story intrigue with all of these episodes, that it makes for outstanding video content.

From what I’ve come to understand, Chris is in the beginning stages of developing a whole lot more narrative, large-scale work in the realm of stylized, comedic takes on the world. He’s clearly growing and developing his unique, particular eye for creativity and storytelling. Everything he does in the world of entertainment feels like it could be packaged together, even if the sub-genres differ on paper. Chris’s projects in development appear to be very exciting. I personally am eagerly awaiting any and all things Chris K. Daniels has coming up on the horizon. I also want to note: Chris avidly thanks his Mom for her support along his career thus far. So I must give a shout out, where a shoutout is due: to Anna Daniels as well! Chris says “Without support from Mom, this whole thing never would’ve went past the weird YouTube videos in elementary school.” All-in-all, this is a young filmmaker, entertainer, creator, that I am passionately watching and overall thrilled to see move on in the entertainment industry. I proudly call myself a big fan of Chris K. Daniels and all his creative endeavors thus far.

Chris K. Daniels - Filmmaker, directing, writing, director, for the good of the people

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