Vidl Wellness Offers Personalized Full Spectrum All Natural Tea Blends

A natural and holistic approach for your body and mind.

Stress can definitely take its toll on one’s body. The stress that comes from work and other factors can cause many different ailments and can be detrimental to one’s health. There are many different ways to help the body relax and rest. While others may have once turned to spas for stress relief and relaxation, such services may not be accessible to everyone, especially in these uncertain times. The ritual of sipping tea is a relaxing and more convenient way to help soothe the mind and body that many people have adapted. Vidl Wellness offers herbal teas made from only natural, non-GMO herbs that are naturally full of nutrients.

Vidl Wellness is a new E-commerce wellness brand that uses modern technology to personalize full-spectrum traditional herbal teas, giving everyone easier access to healthy, natural teas. They have formulated herbal tea blends that aim to help soothe stress, boost immunity, and restore energy. All of their products are formulated by herbalists, practitioners and are gluten-free, vegan, and made from non-GMO natural ingredients. They contain no synthetic fillers or additives, and are all third party purity-tested.

The founders of Vidl Wellness believe that what one puts in one’s body should be made from the best that nature has to offer. As such, they combined century-old natural remedies, research, technology and science to bring out the best in nature, in return; naturally bring out the best in their customers.

Vidl Wellness has a selection of full spectrum herbal tea blends that are designed to address various needs. The tea blends come in convenient, single serve packets. They contain natural ingredients such as ginseng, curcumin, tangerine peel, poria mushroom, purslane, acorus root, polygala root, sarsaparilla and jujube. Vidl Wellness also has an online herb reference guide to help customers know more about the herbs used, as well as their benefits.

The brand also launched a digital community to help others discover the power of nature through their online wellness blog. The blog shares tips, studies, healthy recipes, as well as herbal benefits.

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About Vidl Wellness

Vidl Wellness is an E-commerce wellness brand based in Raleigh, NC. They combine traditional remedies with modern research and technology to deliver all-natural, herbalist-formulated teas directly to their customers’ doors.

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