Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Dogs Worldwide With Soothing Bed™

America’s favourite calming dog bed.

Having pets is all fun and games until they start panicking and waking the entire house at night. Like humans, dogs experience anxiety, too. Pet owners might not see it, but anxiety can come in the form of barking, pacing, shivering, cowering, destroying furniture or gardens, not eating, excessive licking, chewing or being forever restless. And unfortunately, these can happen in the middle of the night when everyone at home is already sleeping.

For whatever reason it may be, it is important to address their anxiety and work on improving their sleeping habits. With a mission to improve the overall health and wellbeing of dogs worldwide, Soothing Bed™ has carefully designed all-natural and non-toxic ‘Anti-Anxiety’ Soothing Beds that naturally helps build a dog’s confidence and relieve anxiety.

With these super soft and comfy Soothing Beds, pet dogs can snuggle and nestle comfortably all night long without being disturbed by noise or discomfort. This means uninterrupted sleep for owners, too. Pet owners will also find it easy to keep the beds fresh and clean, with each bed having a removable wash cover that is wash and dryer friendly. On top of that, Soothing Beds are made with premium materials that ensure durability and provide more filling than competitors to give extra comfort and pain relief. Its oversized rim design also offers a sense of comfort and security to dogs – gently calming their anxiety, especially when their owners are not around.

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About Soothing Bed

Soothing Bed™ is a company that offers anti-anxiety soothing dog beds that are trusted to relieve anxiety among dogs, while maximizing their comfort, security, and sleep.

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