Alex Martinez Business Strategist, Creates eCompete Solutions to Help Brands Advance Online Sales

Alex Martinez is a well-versed entrepreneur who specializes in designing online business strategies. Below he explains to us how a near death experience inspired him.

For those of us who are not familiar with Ecommerce, can you explain what it is?

“E commerce is an online space for businesses where they can sell their brand/product on the internet. When a company is first starting off and they promote their own version of a popular product (ex. ice coffee) majority of buyers prefer what has already been tried, tested and true (ex. Starbucks). The owners of these new brands tend to use online marketplaces to sell their products like Amazon and Ebay because they are an inexpensive marketing tool. There are marketplaces offline and online nationwide from China to Italy, in fact the Chinese have utilized marketplaces for an exceptionally long time.”

Alex goes on to explain that eCommerce is a hugely competitive field but finds many competitors to be unethical:

“You can’t just watch a YouTube video on eCommerce and get started, the owners of these brands want to see fast results within the United States and sometimes overseas. They are expecting an increase of revenue and mass advertisement via PPC (pay per click). There is a formula to the success of online sales.”

How did you become familiar with eCommerce?

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor might as well have told me I was going to die, but medicine is great, and I am still here. After my surgery, I did not like the traditional meaning of a successful life. Society tells us we must work a 9-5, get married with kids and settle into a house. I will do some of those things but, I wanted to gain freedom from the ideal standards of society. I want time to enjoy life outside of work and think about small things like my favorite color.

“It was not fair that entrepreneurs like himself were being cheated out of thousands of dollars. In 2019, Alex figured out a way to help hardworking business owners reach their business goals by creating eCompete Solutions aka The Amazon police.”

What is eCompete Solutions and what makes your eCommerce company different from others?

“Well, if you have ever been to a store that price matches and have found in store items cheaper at online marketplaces, brands hate that. There could be over 20 sellers online selling their item for extremely cheap and the actual brand has not authorized them. At eCompete Solutions we can get rid of unauthorized sellers through mass sterilization. We protect the online face of the brand with professional Amazon selling, SE optimization, promotions, and graphic design, we do everything for the brand!”

Is there anything you want readers to know?

“The lifestyle I want for myself, I also want for others. If people give us a chance, we will bring them success and allow them more time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

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