The Reason Why Hydraulic Breakers’ Bolts Easily Wear Out

The bolts of the hydraulic breaker include through bolts, splint bolts, accumulator bolts and frequency-adjusting bolts, external displacement valve fixing bolts, etc. Let’s explain in detail.

1. What are the bolts of hydraulic breaker?

1. Through bolts, also called through-body bolts. Through bolts are important parts for fixing the upper, middle and lower cylinders of hydraulic breaker hammer. If the through bolts are loose or broken, the pistons and cylinders will pull the cylinder out of concentricity when hitting. The bolts produced by HMB Once the tightening reaches the standard value, it will not loosen, and it is generally checked once a month.

Loose through bolts: use a special torx wrench to tighten the bolts in a clockwise direction and diagonally to the specified torque.

Broken through bolt: Replace the corresponding through bolt.

When replacing the through bolt, the other through bolt on the diagonal must be loosened and tightened in the correct order; the standard order is: A-D-B-C-A

2. Splint bolts, splint bolts are an important part of fixing the shell and movement of rock breaker. If they are loose, they will cause early wear of the shell, and the shell will be scrapped in severe cases.

Loose bolts: use a special torx wrench to tighten with the specified torque in the clockwise direction.

bolt is broken:when replacing the broken bolt, check whether the other bolts are loose, and tighten them in time.

Note: Remember that the tightening force of each bolt should be kept similar.

3. accumulator bolts and the external displacement valve bolts are generally made of materials with high temperature resistance and high toughness. The strength is generally required to be relatively high, and there are only 4 fastening bolts.

Due to the harsh working environment of hydraulic breaker, the parts are easy to wear and the bolts are often broken. In addition, strong vibration force will be generated when excavator breaker is working, which will also cause the wall panel bolts and through-body bolts to loosen and be damaged. Eventually lead to breakage.

Specific reasons


1)Insufficient quality and insufficient strength.

2) The most important reason: the single root receives the force, the force is uneven.

3) Caused by external force. (Forcibly moved)

4) Caused by excessive pressure and excessive vibration.

5) Caused by improper operation such as runaway.


Tighten the bolts every 20 hours. Standardize the operation method and do not do excavation and other actions.


Before loosening the through-body bolts, the gas (N2)pressure in the upper body should be completely released. Otherwise, when removing the through-body bolts, the upper body will be ejected, which will cause serious consequences.

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