Better World Resources Partners with Florida-based Millennial Healthcare Solutions

July 16, 2021 – Better World Resources is happy to announce its tie-up with health supply distributor Millennial Healthcare Solutions to expand business reach. The Florida-based company began in 2017 and has grown to become the country’s leading healthcare suppliers and distributors. Partnering with top distributors, Better World Resources is taking bold steps in battling out COVID.

Millennial Healthcare Solutions has been committed to providing its clients, potential clients, partner organizations, and other professional bodies with quality products as well as services to sustain their business interests, personnel, and families.  The company actively addresses modern difficulties including sourcing personal protective equipment to achieve its goal and objectives.

Better World Resources has been widely known for its improved products and services that exceed expectations. Thirteen years of serving the healthcare industry have made the company what it is today. During the COVID pandemic, Better World Resources LLC proved to be a strong helping hand in the unified fight against the virus. Their Dre health gloves and Nitrile examination gloves have been pivotal in combating the widespread of the virus.

Our products, medical solutions, and services are built on QUALITY which is the bedrock upon which our successful reputation was built and embedded in our core business. Better World Resources LLC goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients are successful in acquiring assets, skills, medical equipment, and quality care services”, says a spokesperson for Better World Resources LLC.

With its growing impact, Better World Resources LLC has continued to partner with like-minded distributors and suppliers to expand its reach. By staying true to its core values, the company assures shareholders and partners alike of its guarantee to improve its overall performance and maintain high-quality healthcare in health institutions all across the globe.

Better World Resources LLC is a US-based company with a global outreach. They are enthusiastic about helping others bring their products to the market by optimizing them for commercial use. The company’s ability to present its services is what helps customers achieve real, tangible, and lasting positive results.

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