Streetwriters Limited Launches Notesnook – An Innovative Private Notes App

Trying to secure notes, information, documents, and ideas in one place can be a headache. Not so with Notesnook, the beautifully designed private notes app which allows users to keep everything they need in one place

There’s no uber-easy way to keep a record of notes. Typically, one needs to use many different colored post-its, file them in different drawers and hope they can remember where they are when they need to read or make use of them again. Say goodbye to this unnecessary hassle with Notesnook, an easy-to-use, private notes app that allows users to protect secrets and securely store them.

“Notesnook is going to change the way we take notes – not just because it’s private but more because it doesn’t use privacy as an excuse to sacrifice important features,” said Abdullah Atta, CEO of Streetwriters. “You can use any app to take notes, but Notesnook changes the game by providing maximum security with maximum flexibility while keeping everything as simple as possible,” he added.

Notesnook provides users with a top-notch privacy service through end-to-end encryption. It safeguards users’ private information by encrypting everything on a user’s device before syncing. Unlike other free services and mobile apps, Notesnook does not make a profit by selling user data. The app comes with zero ads, trackers, and hidden data mining systems. In addition, Notesnook doesn’t make privacy a premium feature available only to those who pay but instead even the free users get all the privacy benefits.

According to the Director and Co-Founder of Streetwriters, Ammar Ahmed, “Notesnook minimizes mental complexity while maximizing your privacy and productivity.” Notesnook helps users to be more efficient and productive allowing them capture and organize ideas and reminders without having to worry about managing dozens of notebooks and smartboards.

With Notesnook users can publish any note to a public URL that can be shared with anyone. Published notes can also be password protected for safe and private sharing. In addition, the app can turn any device into a note-taking station, and convert those thoughts into safe, easily searchable off-cloud notes.

The Notesnook app is designed for privacy enthusiasts, students, and anyone seeking to improve their productivity. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and a wide range of other devices. To download the app, follow the links below:

For Windows:

For macOS:

For Linux (.AppImage):

For Linux (.deb):

For Android:

For iOS:

For other platforms:

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Streetwriters is a start-up based in Pakistan focused on building communities for writers, readers, and productivity seekers worldwide. Its mission is to unite, empower, and nurture creative minds. To this end, the company is building various tools like Call of Writing and Notesnook to empower users and empower the world.

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