Save environment campaign while shopping home appliances in India

Save environment campaign while shopping home appliances in India

Go Green, Save the environment, and Save planet are widely popular campaigns to bring awareness to plant trees, reduce pollution, save natural resources, etc. But the campaign of is to bring awareness while shopping or buying something for your home in the long-term perspective.

Yes, you listened right! We can save the environment while shopping too. started the awareness campaign on how to choose the best product that is environmentally friendly.

Different types of brands manufacture products differently, some use environmentally friendly and some might impact the environment. The Bestwattage team from India inspects the manufacturing units of these products and suggests to the users which are good for the environment. Team also confirms Green Certifications from ASSOCHAM and GEM 5 sustainability standards. 

In India, BEE-rated electricity consumption products are the norm. team also considers electricity consumption as the major factor. The team believes that saving electricity will indirectly save the environment and also the consumer power bills.

Some of the major recommendations on home appliances, which are frequently used on a day-to-day basis. team believes retail savings on energy can save a huge number of natural resources. some of the best recommendations from are best geyser in India, Best mixer grinder in India, Best microwave oven in India, etc. kind of stuff.

To decide which mixer grinder is best, considers below checkpoints

1. Are all parts used at the mixer grinder are environment friendly?

2. How much electricity does the mixer motor consumes?

3. Are all safety aspects considered while using?

4. Are brands followed the regulatory regulations?

5. How long the product will last

Above are the 5 major checkpoints along with specifications check for the products are carried before reviewing.

Electrical and Electronic engineers at Bestwattage team are from IIT and NIT graduated associates. They are proficient in current and upcoming technologies that are used in manufacturing household appliances used in our day-to-day life.

There are cases where we recommended some changes to the manufacturing units of some of the top brands in India that reduce the risk of failures for the products during usage.

When you visit, one can view the latest recommendations of home appliances that are followed and maintained with the above criteria while recommending the product. Team’s article content provides the details explanation and specifications with images while recommending the product. Also informs the downside or cons that are associated with the product.

The work by the team is highly appreciated by the national media and awarded from various NGOs across the nation. team’s work helped manufacturers, consumers, and the environment in various ways.

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